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Mammam Deliveries – Good food despite the minor blunder

As you guys most probably already know – Mammam Deliveries is an online food delivery service, similar to DahMakan and Chopstick Diner. I do not usually cover them online food deliveries but since it’s rainy season now and the food was good – why not, right? 

It rains ever so often these days and me being  female and all, rainy days are quite stressfull on us. Of course, maintaining the ‘looking good’ part is a continuous struggle, do not get me started on the hair. The hair –  man, to get it untangled and unfrizzy, that is a workout by itself, no joke. So anyways, during rainy days, naturally I would prefer sitting in and waiting it out but today however, was one of those days I was sooooo hungry because I skipped lunch. In the midst of it all, I knew today was perfect for a meal via online delivery.

Mammam’s official page is all information you’d need in regards to the food and delivery is available on the site. They offer a variety of dishes – noodles, rice, meat and vegetables but what I like is their “All Time Favourite” selection. 


Oooo, before I get into details in regards to the food, let me talk about the minor blunder real quick. So, the blunder was related to the “$$$ balance.” When you make an order online, having the exact amount for payment is not possible at all times. Sometime, the delivery guy brings extra cash with him or sometimes, they allow you to key in the exact amount you have so that they can bring the exact cash with them. Mammam was the latter. On their website – you can request change for 20 Ringgit, 50 Ringgit and 100 Ringgit. In my case, I did not have the exact amount on me but I did have 50 Ringgit. So, while placing my order, I did request them to bring along change for 50 Ringgit. About 20 minutes after that, someone from the Mammam team will call you to just confirm details. Food usually takes about 60 – 90 minutes to arrive. Everything went well. In about 90 minutes, food arrived. I paid – gave the guy 50 ringgit and thats when the minor blunder started. The guy apparently forgot and left the change, which I specifically requested for, on his bike. It would not be a problem if it was just a case of him having parked his bike at my gate but no, that was not the case. This was a case of  my house being located within a plethora of other houses, which comes with fancy ass security. Fancy ass security that is designed in a way that if you are not a resident,there is only one way for you to head in and out and both these ways are not connected and not located within the same area. 

One reason why I ordered online delivery was because it was raining, which means I Do Not Want to Head Out. However, due to this blunder, I had to. My place is a maze, if you are not a resident, 9/10 times – you’d get lost. Of course, I could have given him a piece of my mind, tell him how ridiculous I think he is  and let him to fend for himself through the maze that is my home but I want my food and without guidance, he would take ages to find his way back which meant that I had to help him, which ultimately defeated the purpose of me ordering food via online in the first place – to not go out. Upon tasting the food though, I guess the minor blunder can be overlooked.


Nasi Lemak Goreng, 13.11 ringgit + Char Kuey Teow



Okay, so I have not tasted Nasi Lemak Goreng before. However, this dish was rated highly on Mammam and I figured today would be as good as any other day to give it a try. It was worth it – really good stuff. I do not know how to describe it. It felt like I was eating fried rice with the nasi lemak ingredients? There was peanuts, bits of boiled eggs, cucumbers scattered everywhere, with some sambal on the side. It was sooo delicious that I ate the whole thing. There goes my calory count for the day, lol. Sooo worth it though. The Kuey Teow was yummy too. A Chinese styled noodle with plenty of eggs and bean sprouts + several prawns. It makes a good dish to have at your finger tips or at least knowing there is an avenue online to enable you to get these delicious local dishes at your doorstep, without having to head out and etc. Loved it.


Would I place an order on Mammam again?

Yes, I would. I have placed orders on Mammam many times before, with the same ‘balance requests’ and had no problems. Food arrived on time, $$$ balance was on point and everything was well executed. This was the first blunder to occur. Not worth cancelling out on Mammam just because of one error. However, the next time I place my order on the phone – I will double/triple confirm my request for them to bring me my balance for 50 Ringgit.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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