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Anneh @ Damansara Uptown – Indian Rice with a PORK Twist (Permanently Closed)

Since it’s public holiday today, I decided to head to Damansara Uptown to give Anneh a try. You would not catch me here, in this area, on a usual working day because traffic is a pain and acquiring a vacant parking spot takes ages.  So, today would make a great day to head here. Good thing about Anneh though, it is not located within the immediate square directly facing The Starling Mall – no, this restaurant is located on the outer end, facing Damansara Puchong Highway (LDP). To simplify it, it is located in same row as Maybank and Ambank, yup, it is on that end/side/corner of Damansara Uptown but more towards the end, just a few doors away from Cheers Cheese, which naturally means that you have higher chances of getting a parking spot, lol.


Looks pretty good, ey? Similar modern interior influences to Flour ( Flour @ Damansara Heights – Really good, delicious food. )  but creatively different. It also differs in terms of the cuisine they offer. Flour is more North Indian-ish whereas Anneh is South Indian-ish. Opening an indian restaurant in Damansara Uptown is great because it simply lacks indian food offerings, smart of them. However, that isn’t the only thing they were smart at. Considering the majority of people that frequents Damansara Uptown are Chinese – Anneh included a selection of PORK delicacies, to appeal to the majority. Smart, ey? Anneh seemed to be doing well, very well indeed. Full house, with an equal mix of Chinese and Indians. Plenty of laughters and chatters, it makes a pretty cool place to hang out.




I initially wanted to give their Mutton Fried Rice a try because I wasn’t feeling well with sore throat – having banana leaf rice would only make it worse, with the spices and etc used.  However, the A la Carte section is only available 3 pm onwards. Bummer. Well, not really, lol. Decided to give the banana leaf a try, which was great since their main attraction is their Pork selection, i’e – Pork varuval, pork vindaloo, devil pork rib curry and etc and what better way to taste and eat them if not with rice.


Rice Set, 9 ringgit + Pork Varuval, 8.09 ringgit + Ikan Bilis Sambal, 2.64 ringgit + Fried Chicken, 7.18 ringgit



Okay, first up, just to give you guys a heads up , if you are ordering a side, for instance – pork varuval or fried chicken, do not expect to get a plate/bowl pilled/overflowing with the goodies that usually occurs at an indian restaurant, lol. Nope, here you would get a serving prepared for one/single person. So, do order more if you intend to indulge and/or share. Secondly, their curries/gravies are the watered down version? I had the chicken curry, which was pretty watered down, the dhal was even more watered down. That being said, it does not taste bad, not at all. I am just one of those fussy pots who likes things exactly as they should be, indian curry being thick and spicy, packed with flavors. Thirdly, do check your receipt when you are paying. the guy at the counter may not know which dish may have sold out and etc, so I cant really blame him but I ended up overpaying 6.27 ringgit for a dish (Masala Chicken) I initially ordered but was told that it was not available at the moment. I guess my waiter did not inform the guy at the counter of this new development. Hence, I ended up paying an additional 6.27 ringgit. Rather than them printing the receipt first and you look through it to check and then pay, we had to pay first and then he printed the receipt – something that perhaps they should rectify. So, do not make the same mistake I did and request for a receipt before hand, or at least before you make payment.

Food wise, it was good. The Rice Set includes 3 veggies + rice + salted deep fried chili + salted fish acar + rassam + curries. The veggies was basically made up of 1 green, 1 starch and 1 fried. For today, we had potatoes (starch), ladies fingers (greens) and fried bitter gourd (fried). It all tasted delicious. While I did not really fancy their curries due to it being the watered down version, having added pork varuval on the side make it all better. The pork varuval was delicious. Hell, I couldn’t even tell the difference if it was pork or chicken varuval. This was a first for me – pork varuval and I must say that I liked it. It is right up there with chicken and mutton varuval. It certainly did make up for the loss in flavors and texture of their curries. Love it. 


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. I like the atmosphere, environment and food was pretty good. Perhaps in a few months or so, i’ll pay them a visit again.



Address: No. 15, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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