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So, Kingsman : The Golden Circle was just released here in Malaysia, a couple of days ago and me, naturally being a fan – had to go and catch it within a week upon its release or else, come on – you are not really a FAN, just kidding. Since I do not go to cinemas as often as I used to, the few times that I do go – I like it quiet, with less people as possible. With Kingsman though, that is kindda hard to come by, loads of people on this side of the planet loveeeeee this movie.. so what do I do? I go during working hours instead, lol.Β  Busted πŸ™‚ Hopefully da Boss do not read this or else …….

Anyways, I decided on heading to The Strand in Kota Damansara to watch a movie, since they have a TGV cinema there and what do you know – Dreamz Bakery & Cafe is located right across the road yawwww.Β 



Having been around since 2010, Dreamz is a relatively understated cafe, you do not hear people talking about it much but as soon as you enter the cafe, you’d notice the amount of people sitting at every available corner. When you do not here much talk about a cafe, it is easy to dismiss it or assume that it ain’t that good but Dreamz is one of those cafes that proofs you otherwise. Another reason to overlook its popularity is due to the fact that it’s located on the first floor and is relatively closed off. With no means whatsoever to gage as to whether the cafe is filled with people or not – you need to just head up those stairs or take a lift up to the first floor to check things out, which was pretty much what I did.Β 

At this cafe, you need to remove your shoes before you head in. What a way to maintain cleanliness, ey. Once you leave your shoes at the door, you ring a bell and wait for someone to let you in. As soon as I entered, felt like I was in an alternate universe, lol. So, downstairs and all the way up to the front door of this cafe, it is quiet and the instant you ope the front door – boom! It is noisy and lively, filled with people. Their counter and cake stand faces their front door and there isn’t a whole bunch of space to allow lot of people to congregate. At the time I was there, it so happen that there were already a few people in line and then add me and a bunch of other into the mix, it literally resembled a cho chooo train, lol. Something I do not experience much but hey it seemed to be working thus far, I am just gonna join in. Did I mention I am a lil Claustrophobic? Yup, I am – a lil and this was a mini trial for me being in a small space with people crowding me. Thank god I had company with me, company who knew of my averse reaction to these sort of triggers, kept close by me and made sure I had my space – yay!!Β 

My only issue was in relation to their counter and people at that area but as soon as orders are places and payment made, we headed to the seating area. Dreamz is pretty small but they managed to arranged tables in a way that enables them to seat as many people as possible, at a distance, which was awesome.



Tiramisu Cup, 16.90


So, apparently what’s popular here is their crepe cake selection – which came in a variety. Saw loads of people ordering and giving it a go too. I however, just had crepe cake few days ago and instead opted for their Tiramisu Cup, which basically was Tiramisu in a cup. At Dreamz, they use no alcohol of any kind in their dessert, so you wouldn’t find yourself with an unplesant lingering aftertaste. The cake was good, delicious. It tasted as a Tiramisu should and even better. So, no complains here.


Japanese Curry Chicken Rice, 19.90 ringgit


This was delicious. What you’d get in this dish is rice + salad + herbal chicken soup + chicken fillet + Japanese Curry.Β  Loved their Japanese Curry, its texture is similar to that of a Butter Chicken gravy? Thick, slightly sweet and slightly spicy – yup, that was how the Japanese Curry tasted. When you mix that gravy with the rice and chicken fillet – Wowza! Very yummy indeed.Β 


Egg Benedict with Salmon, 18.90 ringgit


Here, you’d get two Egg Benedict on top with a slice of wholemeal bread in the middle and several slices of salmon on the bottom + salad on the side. I like my egg benedict and the ones I got here was poached very well, loved it. The eggs + bread + salmon makes an excellent combo for a yummy brunch.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. perhaps this time I will give one of their crepes a try.



Address: No. 32 (First Floor), Jalan PJU 5/20D, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays, 12 pm – 10 pm. Fridays & Saturdays, 12 pm – 11 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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