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Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine @ Menara TA One, Jalan P. Ramlee – Real good Japanese food.

Today, I was in one of those moods. I was craving for sushi the whole day. My boyfriend, naturally being the good man that he is, insist on giving me the best and so, brought me to one of the best Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur – Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine.

I used to head to Daikanyama at Changkat Bukit Bintang whenever I want good sushi. The sushi there was awesomely delicious but sadly, they permanently closed their doors few years ago. How sad …. but yea, I was super stoked to try Ozeki. It is not everyday that I get to head to these fancy restaurants, their price tag for one meal would usually equal meals I can have for 2 days at least, lol. Since I ain’t the one paying though, I am just going to sit back, relax and eat away.

First thing I noticed was the number of Japanese customers they had. There is a saying around town that goes something like this “If you want to know whether an eatery is any good, do look at the customers that frequents it?” If it is a Chinese restaurant that has loads of Chinese customers  – chances are that it is pretty good. Similarly in this case, a Japanese restaurant with mainly Japanese customers – it has to be good and authentic. After all, Japanese peeps are rather fussy when it comes to their food, so the fact that there are plenty of them  here – Ozeki should be good.


** Okay, so from the images above – it may seem like the place is empty, but trust me, it is not. The inner part of the restaurant had plenty of private corner and most of the people sat within this sections. It did not feel like the kind of place I can stand up and randomly take photos, so I did the best I could, lol.

Check out their wall art – pretty sexual ey… lets play spot the nipple, shall we  * wink wink*



Okays ….. moving on ……  The Menu … everything looks delicious, yummmmm…..






Unagi Hako Sushi, 88 ringgit


This was basically Osaka styled pressed sushi, topped with grilled river eel.  I do not know much about sushi, so I wont say much other than this was utterly delicious. I had four pieces and that was enough to fill my stomach up.  The eel was fresh and delicious, coated with some sort of sauce that compliments bother the fish and the rice. I truly enjoyed it.



Volcano Roll, 42 ringgit


The Volcano was something I’ve never had before. I loved it though.  There were several pieces of sushi rolls inside and the topped and coated with a relatively thick layer of cheese and sauce. It certainly is fattening but totally worth a try. Really delicious.


Would I head here again?

For good, delicious and authentic sushi  – Yes, I would head here again.



Address: Ground Floor, Menara TA One, 22, Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm – 11 pm




Signing out now, Ciao.


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