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Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall – Delicious (Permanently CLOSED)

Made another attempt to visit Chi Fan today and it was still CLOSED – again . I give up. I checked their Facebook page, just to make sure they were open. Naturally, I headed straight to the “About” tag on their page because that is where you’d usually be able to see what time they were opened daily. So, they did not make changes there – which is very IMPORTANT because loads of people will head there straight considering how information on Google is sometimes inaccurate, they decided to just write a comment on their wall saying that they are revising their opening hours. Jeez. Whateverla. I guess I should cut them some slacks, since they are new and all but having to head from Bangsar all the way to Taman Melawati – twice, is a waste of time, petrol and tol $$$ for me. So, I’d give it a few months before I attempt to head to Chi Fan again.

Since Chi Fan did not work out and there isn’t many cafes around Taman Melawati, I decided head over to Melawati Mall and hopefully be able to find something appealing there and what do you know – I did. I found Be Sixth.

Melawati Mall is new. So, while there are lots of vacant spots, some floors had more occupancy than others. Restaurants and cafes were generally available on the ground, lower ground and sixth floor. Be Sixth is located on the sixth floor, in between Fitness First Platinum and Troka Coffee.



It is a cozy lil place, rather inviting.  I liked it. Customer service was awesome, they were attentive and friendly. Orders are taken by the table and then you pay on your way out. 




Mushroom Soup, 12 ringgit


This was their soup of the day. I am more of a tomato soup kindda person as oppose to Mushroom but I must say, this was pretty good. The soup consistency was thick and nice. This dish also came with a side of bread. lightly toasted bread, which worked well on its own and with a little dip in the soup.


Dukkah Crusted Chicken, 26 ringgit


This was delicious. What you’d get is a tender chicken breast marinated with dukkah spice + sauteed potatoes and pumpkin + green peas mush. First of all, you’d notice that they do put an extra effort in term of the presentation of the dishes. Each dish had its own personal touch. The chicken was tender and packed with spice, almost similar to the ones you’d find at Kenny Rogers Roasters. The green pea mash and potatoes were awesome. I was happy with this dish.


Grilled Capsicum Pesto Sandwich, 14 ringgit


This was another yummy dish. I am usually one of those meat eaters who stays away from anything vegetarian but I decided to give this dish a try because it has pesto in it – which I loveeeee. So, verdict? It was yummy! Although the sandwich was meatless, the ingredients were so well put together that the lack of meat was not a problem. The sandwich comprised of bread spread with pesto + lettuce + red onion + grilled eggplant + capsicum + sauteed mushrooms. It sure was goood. A sandwich I’d order again.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would love to.


Address: Level 6-01, Melawati Mall, Jalan Sabah, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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