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Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery & Cafe @ Wisma Fiamma, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong – Glad I had a Meeting nearby

This eatery has always been there, at the back of my head but since it is located all the way in Kepong, it is not really an area located anywhere near to where I am located. Today however, I decided to finally pay this cafe a visit because I had a meeting nearby. Yay for meetings, lol.ย 

Despite this cafe being around for years, I have not heard of it until few months back and that too via a phone app that kindda gives you an indication as to how many visitors/customers had paid that eatery a visit – and Take Eat Easy scored pretty high there.ย 

Located just a walk away from Village Mall, this eatery took me by surprise actually. I got the bakery part of it because that was pretty obvious ….




The cafe part however … hmm… it looked more like a restaurant to me, lol…but then again, there seem to be a relatively fine line that differentiates a cafe to a restaurant and sometimes – it gets blurred.ย  Not that I am complaining. I had a great time here.




I like the whole slightly dark – ish atmosphere the cafe exudes. Compared to a lot of other cafes that prefers sunlight oozing in throughout the whole cafe, this cafe was different. While there was sunlight seeping in, the glass wall they had on kindda worked as a filter, so, while the light gets in, it does not really light up the place. Sounds weird, I know, but I got to say, in this case – it works. Between the dim lighting, the numerous private corners you can choose to sit in and the music they had on – it totally works. About the music, the kind of music they play is the kind of music you’d hear at the beach side, a quiet beach, with people strolling about and the music playing softly of the few restaurants/bar tucked in a quiet little corner. Yea, it actually fits right in, here at Take Eat Easy. I enjoyed it.




Ikan Bilis Pastry & Tuna Pastry



Just a little something I decided to nibble on before the main meals arrived. I have always had a thing for the Gardenia Ikan Bilis Bun, so naturally I zoned in on the Ikan Bilis Pastry.ย  It was yummy. Exactly how I liked my ikan bilis to be. I do not like it being salty when having it pastry style, which tends to be the case most often but here, it was a lil sweetish. Loved it. The Tuna Pastry was da bomb. It was basically a slice of bread on the bottom, filled with tuna in the middle and topped with a fried egg. The pastries here definitely looked like a step up from the usual. They taste pretty good too.


Crispy Golden Fillet Sandwich, 23 ringgit



This was a simple sandwich. Looks pretty simple, ain’t it?ย  Do not let the simple presentation fool you though because it tasted wonderful. This dish came with a filling of fish fillet. I have tried chicken fillet in a sandwich before, plenty but fist fillet? Just a handful of times. So, yea – I was excited to give this dish a try, considering the fact that it was also one of their popular sandwiches. Rather than serve the whole fillet like McDonald’s does with their fish burgers, the fillet here was minced? cut up into tiny pieces. It tasted pretty yummy. Basically, this dish consisted of ‘battered’ fish fillet + tuna cream + cheddar + lettuce + tomato + bread. There was plenty of crispiness from the fish fillet, gooeyness from the tuna cream and cheese, delicious. I usually have a habit of removing the tomatoes from my sandwiches, lol but here – I did not have to. Why? because I could not even taste them. Overall, the sandwich was yummy.ย 


Yogurt Chickenย with Tomato Rice, 26 ringgit



WThis was yummy. Loved it. For this dish, firstly – you get to choose between 3 types of rice – Spicy Tomato Rice, Pilaf Rice and White Rice. I opted for the Spicy Tomato Rice since it came recommended. The rest of the dish was made up ofย  Slow-cooked whole chicken leg in spicy tomato gravy + Asian Slaw + Scotch egg + Lentil cracker. It had plenty of flavors, local flavors. The tomato rice with flavorful, thick gravyย  and tender, meaty chicken thigh. The gravy tasted soooo yummy that I had to request for more, lol. This dish took me by surprise. Why? because it is certainly not what you’d expect at an eatery like this. It kindda takes you by surprise that they actually serve this in the cafe. It is easy to just dismiss the ‘Rice’ section all together, easy to assume that the ‘Rice’ served here would not be that great and that their sandwiches are better. It was pretty much what I did before asking the waiter what’s popular. This dish came highly recommended and to be honest, that was the only reason why I chose it. I am mighty glad I did though, sooooo yummy!


Would I head here again?

Oooo yes, I would. Firstly, the food was awesome and secondly, did you guys notice the Menu? Boy, do they have a wide selection and I look forward to trying more items of their. Burgers, Sandwiches, Rice, Western, Desserts and much more – plenty to try.



Address: Wisma Fiamma, No. 20, Jalan 7A/62A, Taman Menjelara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: Everyday. 8.30 am – 10.30 pm.




Signing out now, Ciao.



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