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Geographer Cafe @ Tun HS Lee – Absolute Satisfaction, Yum! (Permanently CLOSED)

Felt a lil nostalgic today and so, I decided to head to City Centre. A bunch of us also went to school nearby, so it was a good day spent reminiscing on our past escapades and adventures lol.  Tuitions, extra classes, Central Market, buses and trains. Memories, good memories they were.

Eventually, hunger kicked and my virtual best friend – Mr. Google, suggested Geographer Cafe.  Compared to the other cafes I’ve visited in the area, that is mostly located closer to Central Market, this cafe specifically was located closer to Mydin and Kota Raya . Driving around and looking for parking was a pain. Rush hour traffic during lunch hour was game strong and don’t get me started on the parking – you can hardly find any. There is a valid explanation for that though – almost all the building there have been around for decades and they aren’t really equipped with ‘public parking’, just enough parking spots for the building occupants. I guess this explains why almost anyone I know who is working in this area specifically, do not drive to work and instead opt to take public transport. 

Well, after asking around for a bit, several people suggested that I park my car at Mydin, which I did and it goes for 2.50 ringgit and hour – reasonably priced, ey. The distance between Mydin and Geographer Cafe took me about 8 minutes walk. I enjoyed the walk, a lot. It is not everyday that you are able to immerse yourself with this sort of crowd. It was sunny yet windy, people everywhere, all sort of races, nationalities, tourist, businessmen, DBKL and Police folks, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Indonesians, Australians, Chinese, Indians and etc. In all this crowd, here I am tryna make my way through to this cafe. It was really nice, just the kind of ‘difference’ I needed to make my day awesome.




See that yellow building right there? That is where the cafe is located. Geographer Cafe occupies the Ground Floor and the floors above is a backpackers hotel of sorts.  Once you near the cafe, you wouldn’t be able to see through to the inside. So, it would be easy to just dismiss the eatery all together but please don’t do that. This cafe is worth a visit. Open that front door and enter ……




Geographer Cafe has been around from 1999, in Melaka. Yup, they came from Melaka. They were doing pretty well there and decided to open shop here, in KL. Fast forward to 3 months ago, 2017 – Geographer Cafe started officially operating here. It is a cozy little place. Nice music, yellowish lighting, just all around appealing. I noticed that almost every single customer that walks through the front door, ended up staying longer than they needed to? It was the same for me. Despite finishing my meal ages ago, I spent an extra 45 minutes just sitting around and talking, enjoying the ambiance and vibes. I absolutely dig it.





Set Lunch of the day : Jonker Street Fried Rice + Long Black, 28 ringgit


Ooooo man, I literally started salivating as soon as I got the first visual to this dish. I dove in soon after and guess where I headed first? The chicken satay, yawww !! Meaty , juicy, succulent chicken meat on skewers, 3 pieces on each + the yummy peanut gravy/sauce? da bomb! Soooo delicious. The fried rice was equally as delicious and so was the onion fritters, crispy and crunchy. Okay, every bit of ingredient on the plate was delicious. That is all I’ve got to say, lol. Give it a try and I am sure you’ll agree with me.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich, 25 ringgit


This was another yummy dish. Trust me, it was. First up, look at those chips. This and crisp – yo’d think it is the usual potato chips, no? Nope, the guys here used banana chips instead and it was brilliant. Now, moving on to the sandwich. See that thing oozing out at the side of the bread? One would think it was cheese, I did too but nope, it was butter, garlic butter specifically. If you think that the oozing out would signify too much butter and an overwhelming after taste, you are sooooo wrong. The first mouthful you’d take, the taste of butter and toasted bread would hit you and boy, was it delicious. Loved it! Then, you’d taste the chicken and the taste of the whole sandwich gets even better. Sooo mouthwateringly tasty from the start to the end.


Would I head here again?

You can bet I will. I loved the place and the food. Looking forward to trying out other items on their Menu. If it is as good as the ones I’ve tasted today, I can die a happy death and go to Food La La Land.


Address: No. 93. Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, City Center, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Thursday, Sundays, 10 am – 10 pm. Fridays & Saturdays, 10 am – 11 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.


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