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Jao Tim @ Jalan Sultan – A Much Needed Change

Okay, first up – why was my heading ” A much Needed Change”? Let me explain. When I left Jao Tim, I left feeling pretty amazed. There are many cafes around that serves good food, that keeps enticing you back for more. With Jao Tim, it wasn’t even the food (although food was good). it was more the whole ambiance. With its old school look, rich history and Glenn Miller playing in the background. I mean, come on… Glenn Miller? I ain’t joking. See …. n ooo pretty cool audio system they’ve got there.



Rather than munching down the food I’ve ordered and leaving, I ended up spending almost 2 hours there, simply just enjoying the pre/post World War II vibe Jao Tim exudes. How do I even explain this? You know, those scenes in the Pearl Harbour movie or any other movie that supposedly occurred during this era? There is always that dancing scene, whereby the soldiers are celebrating together, dancing away with their other halves, with Glenn Miller playing at the background? Yea, similar vibe – I kid you not.  I left Jao Tim thinking ‘”Woa, amazing” . I did not even realize 2 hours passed and I only spent 20 minutes eating. What was I even doing with the rest of the time.. I wasn’t even born back then to say that this is nostalgic, but man – if this is even a bit of a resemblance on how it used to be – I want in! The folks behind Jao Time certainly did an awesome job in retaining history while offering a difference. 

I just loveeee hanging out at Jalan Sultan. Okay, put aside the instant and continuous flocking of people , you’d come to realize that it actually is a mini food paradise, with various offering. You name it – from chicken rice at the ever famous Nam Heong Chicken Rice Restaurant to delicious sandwiches at  The Toast Co. ( The Toast Co. @ Petaling Street – Another Hidden Cafe  ) and tasty asian fusion flavors at Leaf & Co ( Leaf & Co @ Jalan Sultan – Taste soooo GOOD! ).  So, naturally when I heard that there was a new kid on the block, I got all excited. Had to drop by soonest, which I finally did, Yay.





As you would have noticed, Jao Tim is located on the first floor and it sure was a huge space. There is an appealing history to this establishment too, just like Merchant Lane has its own story – with it being a former brothel and all. The owners were kind enough to explain the history to us. As with many of the structures located here along Jalan Sultan, its’ history is almost always old.  Similarly, back in 1910, Jao Tim was a hotel. The hotel vibe is readily felt even now, 107 years later. Believe it or not, the brick walls, the floor and the top/ roof? – is original, the exact same one used since the hotel inception, back in 1910. How awesome is that. 

Via the images above, you’d notice the  “Concierge” area. That is a work in progress, just like the top floor is. The “Concierge” area is where future customers will head to as soon as they climb the steps up to Jao Tim, they would then check in and be given a key to their respective tables. How cool is that. It basically resembles similar process to checking into a hotel but rather than getting a key to your room, you’d get a key to your table. How awesome is that?

There still is a bit of work to be done for it to complete and be able to fulfill their vision for the space. Basically, Jao Tim is also intended to be a co-working space of sorts. Within the first floor Jao Tim occupies, they have included an additional floor, which is meant for the workspace. They also plan to use the venue to offer hobby related classes – painting and etc. 



They have a limited menu, for now, just a bunch of sandwiches, mini pies, pastries and desserts. This too is a work in progress. They are intending to expand the menu soon.  


Grilled Cheese Sandwich, 15 ringgit & Chicken Curry Pie, 15 ringgit



The grilled cheese sandwich was awesome. I loved it. Every bite you take had cheese oozing out of it. Would I order it again? Most definitely. The Chicken Curry Pie though – most probably not. It tasted good but it is rather steeply priced at 15 ringgit. If it was a large pie, I would not have minded. However, since this was rather mini in size, 15 ringgit is a little too much. So, I would give the pie a miss the next time. Would definitely give their cheese sandwich a go again and perhaps also get a taste of their Smoked Duck Quiche. 


Would I head here again?

Heck yea. Love love loveeeeee the ambiance and the vibe.There aren’t many eateries I’ve been to that offers me this sort of feel. As soon as I stepped out, I told myself I am certainly heading back here.  


Address: No. 61, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm. Mondays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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