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The Parque Cafe @ Eco Santuary, Kota Kemuning – Something Different

Parque Cafe has been making its round on social media and was even deemed an Insta worthy cafe within the Kota Kemuning vicinity.  Just looking at the images online was enough for me to want to head here and see what the hype was about. So, here I was, paying this cafe a visit. 

My thoughts? Hmmmm, lets just say I truly understand the hype but I was there at a wrong time? I am sure you guys knows know how meticulous Eco World is when it comes to their projects. Each and every one of it is almost always beautifully done. This was also the case here. However, at the time of my visit, lets just say there were moving on to another phase of development which entails them to work nearer to the cafe? Fo instance ….




In the images online, you would notice that greens surround this cafe, all around, with plenty of space to walk all around.  At the time of my visit though, things were pretty scrambled? As you can see – there was a barricade of sorts in front of the cafe (as depicted in the image above), which makes that your front view.  

The back view though, still as beautiful , very well done, greens everywhere. However, they were having a Seafood Fest for the weekend, which meant – red tents everywhere, lol. So yea, between the barricades and the tents – it sure did feel ‘scrambled’ to me.




I can imagine it in its glory though, based on the images online. It is kindda easy to imagine and understand why The Parque has its own following. Despite the barricade and the tents, the uniqueness of this cafe is still retained, so, imagine what it would be like without those things in the way. Awesome. Well, I will just have to wait till this phase of development is done and over with, so I can head back here and enjoy it in its full gloryness, lol. 

So, the cafe is made up of two separate miniature sized cottage-like structure. It is small, a lot smaller than almost every other cafe I have visited but different nonetheless. I guess that is part of its charm – being miniature. 

Inside Cottage 1




So, Cottage 1 is a little bigger than Cottage 2, just a little. The counter is here and this is where you place your order. It has a black/white theme to it.  There are about 4 table seating available. 




A small Menu but they have a little bit of everything here. For food, they offer cakes, croissant sandwiches, pastas and pizza. For drinks, they offer a coffee, non caffeinated drinks, premium tea, soda mocktails and juices. 


Cottage 2 ….



The theme in this cottage is brown furniture with some artificial greens at the corner. There is about 4-5 tables, all stacked close together. It usually would not be my cup of tea – being seated so close to others, strangers but since I had the place all to myself, no problem there. 


Double Chocolate Cake, 14.90 ringgit + Dark Cocoa (Hot), 12.90 ringgit + Dark Cocoa (Cold), 13.90




Yup, we decided to go on some chocolate galore today, lol. Chocolate cake and chocolate cake, lol. The Double Chocolate cake was one of their most popular cakes and boy, was it delicious. Thick, moist and decadent, with a tinge of bitterness from the cocoa sprinkled on the top – yum. I loved it.

The Dark Cocoa drink was da bomb. It was made with 100% Belgian Dark Chocolate. I wasnt in the mood for a bitter lingering drink , so I requested mine to be sweetened a bit.  That was a good request because the end result was awesome. There was still that aftertaste you’d get from drinking dark cocoa but it was a welcoming taste. The added sweetener did not turn down/reduce the cocoa taste. It just made it a whole lot pleasant. 


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would but perhaps in a few months, when the phase of development they currently are in moves to another phase? or at least the one in relation to the area close to The Pargue.  If it looks anything like it does on the images online, I can wait.


***Heading to The Parque was easy, but heading back out was a little difficult. Waze was a good help going in, going out though – could not depend on Waze. The exit routes referred to by Waze was mostly barricaded. I cant really blame anyone because the cafe is located within an area that is constantly developing in phases. It took me several rounds and u-turnings to get back to the main road. So – do keep a look out. Do try and remember the way you came in. If not – you could always ask around.


Adress: EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Santuary, Lot 41296, Persiaran Eco Santuary, 42500, Telok Panglima Garang, Kota Kemuning, Selangor.


Opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 11 am – 7 pm. Mondays Closed.




Signing out now, Ciao.


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