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The Cart @ SkyWorld Gallery, Sentul – It is what it is. (CLOSED)

Okay, it has been a while since I’ve been to Sentul, So, today I figured I will visit the area and pay this pop up cafe a visit. Yes, pop up cafes – the temporary kind, they appear and eventually disappear. The fact that the cafe is located in a showroom only piqued my interest.

First thing I noticed was that the showroom was pretty fancy, lol, which also means that it was pretty nice. I am sure you guys know how property showrooms are – generally nice, right?

Second thing I noticed was that The Cart offers few things. If you are expecting to have a selection of hearty meals – they only offer 4 main dishes ( 2 rice dishes & 2 pastas) and some desserts – pancakes, ice creams and stuff. So, yea.

Third thing I noticed was that it was a one man show and that one man cooks everything and he cooks everything using an induction stove? It was quite fascinating actually. The fascination was a good thing because with one man running the show, when a customer orders 2 dishes, you got to wait quite a while. The guys cooks one dish, serves it and then head over to the stove to cook another dish. Get what I mean? The environment and the company was pleasant though, so I could wait, it wasn’t a case of me getting pissed of waiting for my meals.






Butter Chicken Rice, 18.90 ringgit


This was pretty good. It was more of a modern take to briyani. The butter curry/gravy isn’t one made from scratch, it tasted more like a heated version of what came out from a jar? Those ready made kind? I am sure you have seen those, the higher end grocers usually stock them on their shelves. I would know cause I have used them before, lol. Taste almost as good as being made from scratch.  Considering the lack of manpower, it was a smart choice to use the ‘jar/bottle’ assistance.

The dish comes with spiced briyani rice + pan fried chicken cubes + raisins + cashews + spiced butter curry. It tasted delicious.  Adding in the cashews and raisins only added more flavor to the flavorful gravy. A mouthful of spice with a dash of sweetness and crunchyness.  The rice was yummy, moist and dense, with a little crunch from the fried onions garnish. I enjoyed this.


Curry Seafood Marinara Pasta, 24.90 ringgit


The pasta wasn’t bad but for a dish that cost almost 25 ringgit – it came with ridiculously little noodles. It was unreal. Thank god the guy was willing to give us a plate with extra noodle and gravy or else I would have been pretty pissed. Like for real – no joke.  

I am not a fan of mussels, so I shall not comment on that. The rest of the dish was made up of Fettucinne + prawns + marinara sauce + tomatoes. The sauce taste like thick  tomato sauce with a dash of sweetness, I dig it. Nice. The prawns were tasty, just wished they added more thought. Again, for a dish that cost almost 25 ringgit, more prawns are needed.  Other than that, the dish was pretty decent.


Would I head here again?

Nope, once was enough. While I enjoyed the whole property gallery vibe, I just prefer having my meals at a cafe/restaurant, lol. Food was pretty good but as for the main dishes, it feels like I’ve tasted all four of them because if you’ve noticed, the 4 dishes they offer, 2 of each are similar, just one in rice version and one in noodle version. So, since I have tasted each, it kindda feels like I have tasted all 4 dishes.


Address:  SkyWorld Gallery, Lot 9924, Jalan Senntul Bahagia 2, Kampung Puah Seberang, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Wednesdays to Mondays, 11 am – 6 pm. Tuesdays Closed.




Signing out now, Ciao.


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