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Chocha Foodstore @ Petaling Street – Second time’s a charm.

I visited Chocha (Chocha Foodstore @ Petaling Street – Appealing surrounding, decent food.Β ) about a year ago and did not plan on heading back. Why? Well, I found that at that point in time, quite a number of their dishes included duck meat – which is something I do not like. With Merchant Lane located just a couple of doors away, I would rather head there.Β  Although their interior was awesome, had a rustic feel to it and a historical appeal.which I loved but yea, food wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

So, here I was a year later, having to decide between Merchant Lane and Chocha Foodstore. Since I have been to the former many times, I decided to give the latter a go, maybe this time around, it would play outΒ  better than my first.

The interior and environment is still the same – rustic, historic and inviting.



For more pictures, do head over to my first post on Chocha Foodstore –Β Chocha Foodstore @ Petaling Street – Appealing surrounding, decent food.



Most of the items on the Menu are the same, with several items added here and there.

I liked the guy manning the counter now. On my first visit, it was a different setup. Rather than someone coming by my table to get my order, back then i had to go to their counter to place my order and pay. A lady was in charge then and she was not friendly at all. I wanted to know what was popular and stuff and she answered me in a manner that seemed like it was the most difficult task in the world . This time however, no more having to order at the counter, someone will come by and take your order while you are seated. A guy came over this time and he was super friendly. He explained what the dishes I was interested in was about and even recommended a few dishes based on the flavors I fancy – spicy and etc. Yay!


Bang Bang Chicken , 22 ringgit


This dish was not on the menu the first time I visited. Glad I ordered it this time because it was delicious. This dish consisted of shredded chicken + cabbage + glass noodle + chinese rice wine + housemade chili oil. The only downside to this dish was that the glass noodle came in a really small portion, by small I mean – I literally took a fork full of noodles to transfer it onto my plate and there isnt any left. Just one fork full, no joke. That was the only bummer. The minute this dish arrived at my table, I was salivating. The shredded chicken was packed with flavor and spices. It totally had an oriental feel to it. There is a certain kick to it. You keep going in for more. It is worth giving this dish a try guys.


Chinese Pesto Flat Noodle, 22 ringgit


Another yummy dish. Yummmm! It basically had housemade noodles + ulam pesto + capsicum + dried tomatoes + peanuts + sesame seeds. Yea, those ingredients were there somewhere, lol cause I sure as hell did not notice them in the midst of me tryna get it into my stomach as fast as I can. There was loads of crunchyness from the peanuts and seeds, a nice touch to elevatesomething good to really good. This truly was a flavorsome pesto noodle. Usually the pesto would be strong enough that it kindda is the star of the dish but not here, here everything on the plate is the star. Loved it.


Would I head here again?

Yea, after this second time around, I certainly would.


Address: No. 156, Jalan Petaling


Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 11 pm.Β Mondays Closed



Signing out now, Ciao.



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