Neighbour’s Coffee Bar @ Seri Gembira Avenue, Happy Garden – Yum Yum.

The last time I was within this area was 2 years ago, when I attended a baking class, lol. Haven’t been to Happy Garden ever since and so, I was looking forward to heading back here. I heard about this cafe when it was based in Sri Petaling, back when it was known as Neighbourhood Cafe. I just did not have time to drop before they closed. Upon hearing that they close shop, I thought they closed down for good but guess what? they resurfaced in Happy Garden as Neighbour’s Coffee Bar. Yay! and so this is where I headed for lunch today.

Waze will lead you right to it with just one minor issue – it is wrongly tagged, a minor error, no biggie. Waze willl lead you to the right area, the issue just means that Waze will lead you up to where the cafe is but on the opposite side. Nothing a little U-turn cant solve but just to make it easier – key in Seri Gembira Avenue instead. Once you are there, just go round the block and you will see the cafe.



It is pretty spacious, well spread out and white, lol, as you can see. These characteristics gives the cafe a refreshing feel. It is a cool place to hang out, get some food and drinks while doing some work on the laptop. Ooo and no need to worry about where to park your car, plenty of parking available all around.




Egg Benedicts, 25 ringgit


Yum yum yum, I like!Β  The egg benedicts were perfect!Β  Basically, there was half of an english muffin at the bottom, wild rockets followed with a layer of salmon and poached egg on the top. It tasted as delicious as it looks. As soon as you cut in between, the yolk comes running and it literally covers everything, all the way to the bottom, the muffins were almost fully soaked. It was sound gross but it sure did taste awesome. The whole dish was really satisfying.


Cheezy Pesto Chicken, 21 ringgit



Ooooo man, This was sooo yummy! I am a fan of pesto, I just love it. Pesto chicken, pesto sandwich, pesto pasta, anything with pesto in it – I love. This was another satisfying dish. It was a simple sandwich, the filling was made up ofmostly chicken and pesto but it was totally worth it. They sure did stuff a generous amount of chicken in it, yay and pesto too, yay! Oooo they was cheese too, it literally felt like I was eating pizza, the part when you take each bite with the cheese visibly stretching, yup – exact scene happened here, lol. Loved every bit of it.


Butter Cake, 6 ringgit


This was a good end to my visit to Neighbour’s. The butter cake was delicious, fresh and warm, tasted divine, as a butter cake should be.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I totally would.Β 



Address: A-G-1, Seri Gembira Avenue, No.6 Jalan Senang Ria, Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Everyday. 9 am – 6 am



Signing out now, Ciao.



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