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Lawanya Food Corner @ Brickfields – Yummy “Home-cooked” Indian Food

Word around town is that the food here is really good and hey, they made the news, so – I am pretty sure that would mean that they are good, right? 

I’ve driven passed this food corner numerous times and let me tell you .. it is almost always full. So, where is this eatery? I am sure you guys know where the Hanuman Temple is. Yup, if you are right in front of the temple, you’d need to turn left. Turning right would mean you would be heading towards Sri Kandaswamy Temple down the road. The right turn would lead you pass a row of shops. Within this row of shops, there are small alleyways. In one of these alleyways, you would see Lawanya Food Corner.

I am usually skeptical about eating by the roadside because more often by not, they do not hold cleanliness highly but this food corner was clean, well kept. Just to make sure I arrived ahead of the lunch crowd, I was there by 11.45 am? I had pretty much most of the place to myself, yay! Since cars rarely pass through the alleyway, there was not much pollution going on, no smoke from the cars spreading everywhere and etc. It was a pleasant experience.



and check out their spread … more that 20 items on display. To those of you who fancies loads of vegetables, green ones, trust me – you’d be umping for joy here. As for the meat section, the have got fried and curry chicken, fried and curry fish, mutton and etc. They also have 3 options for rice – white rice, indian/brown rice and briyani rice. Quite a feat for a relatively small, roadside eatery huh? I was totally impressed.




If you want indian food with a home-cooked feel, the food here would totally do it for you. The curry taste was rich and flavorful, the fried chicken was spiced perfectly and the vegetables were delicious. Food was pretty decently priced too. I had a plate of 2 vegetables + 1 meat and my partner had a plate of 3 vegetables + 1 meat and both the dishes together only cost us 16.80 ringgit. 


Would I head here again?

Heck yea! I sure will. Totally worth another visit.



Address: 1077/8, Lorong Scott, Brickfields.

Opening hours: 6.30 am – 4 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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