Rococo Cafe @ Melange Boutique Hotel, Bukit Bintang – A Pleasant Experience (Permanently CLOSED)

About 5-10 minutes away from Feeka Coffee Roasters and Isabel Restaurant & Bar, tucked in a quiet corner along Jalan Rembia, is Melange Boutique Hotel and Rococo Cafe is their eatery. Located on the top – 7th floor, this cafe overlook a part of Bukit Bintang. The view is different. Why? Usually, I would be in one of those high rise buildings, able to gaze a view that covers a vast amount of space. Here however, while you would be able see the general view but because of the buildings within this area that are rather cluttered, crowded, close together and the fact that the hotel is relatively low density, you would also be able to see the buildings right next to you. I loved it, the rather distorted and imperfect scenic view provided me something different than usual. 

** I visited Rococo when it was raining heavily, so taking a clear picture of the view around the hotel/cafe was nearly impossible. 


They have both indoor and outdoor seating. It really sucked that it was raining heavily during my visit because I would have loved sitting outside and simply enjoying to view. The cafe interior was vibrant and cozy. Rococo is small in space but they sure did make the most of it without making it seem crowded.  Plenty of seatings everywhere, depending of which corner and view you fancy.


At the middle, there is a display section that offers a selection of bread, cookies and scones. It looked appetizing. The manner in which it was put on display, it certainly did enticed me into placing an order for the chocolate cookie while waiting for my main dishes, lol.



Chocolate Chip Cookie, 5 ringgit


Looks good, ey? Does it taste good though? NO. It was hard, lack moisture, the kind of taste you would get when you eat a cookie after leaving it in a container for a month? Yup. Stale – that is the right word to describe the condition of the cookie.  Took 3 bites and that was it, just could not do it anymore. While waiting for the main dishes to arrive, I spent the rest of the time hoping that the cookie blunder was not a reflection of how the main dishes were going to taste.


Il Pollo, 26 ringgit


So, was my hope and prayers answered? Yessss ! The sandwich was awesome. It basically consisted of their in-house gourmet bread of the day + chunks of chicken + Greek yogurt, mint  + garlic butter. The yogurt + mint combo was really tasty and having it with chicken was utterly delicious. That combo provided such yummy flavor that chili sauce, mayonnaise and any other sauces which usually accompanies these sort of sandwiches are long forgotten. The chicken chunks were crispy and meaty, the bread glazed with a spread of garlic butter was moist and tasty. The sandwich as a whole was flavorful and really good. I loved it.


Pronto Rococo, 24 ringgit


This dish was tasty. It comes with bread, garlic butter + scrambled egg + homemade chicken sausage + mayo, mustard, tomato sauce on the side. It tasted good but it would have been even better if they were willing to add an additional sausage. I requested for it but was told that for this dish in particular, it only comes with one sausage. If I have ordered another dish in their Menu (name I cant recall) , that comes with 2 sausages. I was like – whaaaaaaaaattttt ??? Here I was more than willing to pay for the additional sausage but was declined? That sure was a first for me, lol. Oh well, plenty of yummy scramble eggs left and the lack of sausages was long forgotten. A simple dish, tasty nonetheless.


Would I head here again?

I think I would. With the surrounding view Rococo offers and the tasty food, I would love to return. Hopefully, the next time – it would not be raining,



Address: No. 10, Jalan Rembia, Bukit Bintang

Opening hours: Wednesdays to Mondays, 11 am – 6 pm. Tuesdays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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