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BBQ Chicken @ Faber Tower, Taman Desa – Korean food. Yum Yum.

I initially did not plan to head to Faber Tower. Where I did plan on going was Siu G Jai, located in Desa Business Park. I had to change my direction last minute because Siu G Jai was full house. No joke. I was hungry as hell, so I decided to skip the wait and drive on for about 8-10 more minutes till I reached Faber Tower. never been to this tower before but I have passed by it numerous times and in those times, I’ve noticed several restaurants located on the Ground floor that piqued my interest. So, what better day to give it a try, if not today, right?

I was pretty surprise by the number of restaurants in here. There had to be at least 7 eateries that offers a variety of choices – modern cafe-like, fancy ones, chinese, kopitiam style and etc.  There also is a grocery. Between the Asian Fusion, Western, Noodles, Chinese, Korean options, I opted for the latter. It has been a while since I ate anything Korean and the Menu looked interesting, I decided to give it a go. 



The cafe was colorful and cheerful. It is pretty small but small in a comforting kind of way. I liked it. It had plenty of quiet corners, tables to accommodate larger crowds and also an outdoor section. With some Korean songs playing in the background and with staff regularly saying “Annyeong Haseyo” , it felt pretty awesome.



Gang-Jeong Chicken (5 pieces) , 15.90 ringgit


They offer a range of KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). Some sweet, some spicy, some hot and some cheesy, depends on what tickles your fancy. It comes in 2 sizes – 5 pieces or 10 pieces. Today I opted for Gang-Jeong and it was delicious. The crunchy, tender boneless chicken + the  addicting sweet & sour sauce was yummy! I enjoyed every bit of it.


Kimchi Chicken Dol-Sod Bap, 16.90 ringgit



If you fancy something simple and not too filling – this could be it. It basically is a bowl with rice + charboiled chicken + Kimchi. It tasted good. The chicken was tender, with a little sweetish flavoring. The rice was sticky and gooey, a few spoonful of the Kimchi soup that came on the side + the chicken, provided a variety of texture and flavor – spicy, sweet, sour and everything else in between. I enjoyed it.


Would I head here again?

Ooo yes, I will. I had a good time here, happy to return again.



Address: No. 11, Ground Floor, Tower 1 Faber Towers, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.






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