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Fat Cat @ Jaya Grocer, Sunway Geo – Delicious

I was kindda lost today as to where to go for lunch. Eventually, I decided to head to Sunway Geo to see what else is new. I’ve visited Geo once and I remember liking it. Most shop lots are still vacant but the ones that are open, seemed rather interesting. So, why not right?

After walking around from one end to the other, I settled on Fat Cat, an eatery within Jaya Grocer. I usually do not fancy eateries attached to groceries – I don’t know why but this one was seemed interesting. It looked like a real cafe. There are two entrance, one via Jaya Grocer and the other via the side of the eatery, which allows you direct entry to the cafe as oppose to having to go through Jaya Grocer. If you enter the eatery through the side, you would not even notice the grocer because it resembles a proper eatery.



The food they serve here is a mix of Asian fusion. From Asian styled fried rice and rice bowls to ramen noodles. They also offer a range of desserts – brownies, cakes, waffles, scones and french toast, among others.



Sambal Oelek Fried Rice, 13.90 ringgit + Fried Chicken Kaarage.


This was pretty yummy. The dish consisted of Japanese rice + sambal oelek + scallots + beans + tempura egg + fried anchovies.  It has been a while since I had fried rice with anchovies in it, so I was super excited for this dish. It brought me back in time, back when I was a youngster, living with my family, when anchovies were used in fried rice? Don’t come by much of those these days. It just brings back that old school, homely feel. Topped with an egg, as soon as you cut through the middle, the yolk starts oozing out which results in a bowl filled with gooey, crunchy, chewey, yummy rice. Loved it.

We ordered the Chicken Kaarage on the side (add-on). We assumed that since the rice only had anchovies in it, adding on a meat would be awesome. However, the fried rice came with loads of other ingredients and plenty of anchovies that adding on a side is not necessary. Also, for 9 ringgit, the side dish was priced pretty steep. It was delicious but all you’d get is 2 relatively small pieces of boneless chicken with a whole lot of crunchy outside. I would most probably give it a miss.


Chicken Yaki Ramen, 16.90 ringgit


I generally love ramen noodles, so it is not a surprise that I would give this a go. Chicken Yaki Ramen was their most popular dish among the noodle variety they offer and I was glad I ordered it – it was delicious. The dish consisted of  stir fried ramen + cabbage + carrot + onion + mushrooms + chicken + sesame seed + onions. It is one of those fulfilling noodles, the kind that satisfies your cravings? Yup. It certainly did fix my ramen need, albeit temporarily, lol.  I just wished they served it in a plate as oppose to a bowl? The bowl kindda gave me the impression that the noodle serving was pretty small? The bowl was not that big and I liked this dish quite a bit, so naturally I want more. Maybe the serving size really is small or maybe it is just me making a fuss because I want more, lol – whatever it is, it was yummy. 


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would.



Address: D – 01 -01 – 001 A (Inside Jaya Grocer), Sunway Geo Avenue, Bandar Sunway.


Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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