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Omulab by Slurp! @ Section 17, PJ (Halal) – Egg Galore.Yum Yum !

Yup, if you are a fan of eggs, you’d be happy here, lol. They have egg noodles, egg fried rice, egg inspired sushi, literally everything egg – gy. If you have been Slurp! ( Slurp! Cafe @ 3 Two Square – Fascinating. ) in Three two Square, you would know that they take their eggs very seriously. I can still remember their squid Ink fried rice, soooo yummy. Oooo man, think I am gonna head back there some time soon to revisit that dish. Okay, back to the present……… Located within the same row of shops that is home Strangers @ 47 ( Strangers @ 47, Sek. 17 PJ – Crepes 🙂 ) and a few doors away from The Humble Pie is this new kid on the block – Omulab. 

Okay. First up, lets talk parking. Coming across a vacant parking spot here is almost impossible since it is always busy but guess what? Omulab thought about that and decided to make our lives (the customers) a whole lot easier. Just drive 5 second longer down the road and you’d see a parking area reserved specially for us, yay!  or pay/book via Kiple if you are not a customer. How awesome is that yawwww? 


Omulab was bright, modern and cheery, sort of  the opposite of Slurp!.  Slurp! was super hero themed? darker and more dimly lit, no less welcoming though. Omulab was just bright. If you have visited both cafes, you would know what I’m talking about. While different in the interior, Omulab was equally as welcoming and inviting.





While there seem to be a variety of new items, they retained some of the bestsellers from Slurp! here. For instance, the Black & White, the one and only squid ink fried rice at Slurp!, the same one I was raving about at the start of this review and a few others.


Omu Maki, 15.90 ringgit


This was their version of a sushi inspired egg roll. I liked it. It was light and not too filling. A mix of omelette + bonito flakes + crabsticks + ebiko, yummy. 


Omu Yaki Seafood Udon, 19.90 ringgit


This was their Japanese stir fried seafood Udon with a fluffy omelette. I loved this dish. Thick noodles with a sweetish, spicy gravy + 8 mini mussels + a few shrimps = Yummy! It was good enough that I wanted more noodles, lol. Once you remove the mussels, the size of the dish reduces in size, lol. Somehow the mussels makes a medium sized dish look big. Towards the end of the dish, once everything is gobbled up, I was very satisfied and full. Would not change a thing. Hmm, except perhaps for more noodles, lol.



Would I head here again?

Yea, I would. Love the food, love the ambiance, located nearby. Had a good experience here. Would certainly return.



Address: No. 7, Jalan SS 17/45, Section 17, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 10.30 am – 10.30 pm. Mondays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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