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Passage Thru India @ Bukit Bintang – A wholesome Indian experience

Okay, so what do I mean by “wholesome Indian experience”?  Well, if you want an Indian restaurant that offers you good Indian food with plenty of  Indian decor, Indian music playing in the background , Indian vibe – basically, everything Indian, then Passage Thru India is an excellent choice. It truly offers you a wholesome Indian experience. No joke.

They have an outlet in Damansara and another in Bukit Bintang, I prefer going to the latter as I enjoy the whole experience better at this eatery. Everything is a whole lot more pleasant, enjoyable and spacious . It also has an old rustic charm to it, something different that allows you a break from your current reality. As soon as you enter the restaurant, all your problems are on pause until you leave? The ambiance inside the restaurant is cozy, warm, inviting, colorful. I do not know how to explain this feeling, I hope my mumbling makes some sort of sense, lol. 


I told you, didn’t I? The decor sure is something. Imagine the decor + instrumental indian music + good indian food = a wholesome Indian experience, is it not? The restaurant is pretty spread out. They have the general area, a private area, an events area, so if you fancy somewhere quiet or somewhere large enough to cater for a group, do consider Passage Thru India – they cater for all. 



Onion Bhaji, 9 ringgit + Murgh Tikka Butter Masala, 23.50 ringgit + Palak Panner, 17 ringgit + Garlic Naan & Parotha basket, 15 ringgit

Upon sitting down, you would be served with a basket of delicious, crispy gourmet papadums + mint chutney. It really is delicious, not the kind of usual Alagappas or Lingams papadums you’d see being sold in grocery shops. Nope, the ones served here is the gourmet version of it, lol. The mint chutney was minty and sweet, it sure does offer the papadums a variety of flavors and guess what – it is freee! Yup, the whole basket of papadum goodies is free. Yay!



I started out my lunch here with a plate of Onion Bhaji. This starter plate is a combination of fried shredded onions + chilly + coriander. It offered me plenty of crunch with a healthy dose of spice and flavors. Yummmm! A good way to go into the main course.

Food was delicious. If you are like me, a fan of thick, sweetish butter masala gravy, the Murgh Butter Tikka Masala would  be an awesome choice. You’d get thick, creamy, buttery gravy with a sweetish kick + generous portions of boneless chicken tikka. The chicken tikka offers the buttery gravy a taste of spice. It is similar to the ones you would see accompanying a naan? It is roasted with spices coated on the top, the inside of the chicken would be soft and moist while the outer part is usually a crispy maroon-ish color, that is packed with spice? Yup, the similar ones are used here with the butter chicken gravy. Imagine the sweetness from the butter gravy+ the spices from the chicken tikka? Yummm! It also makes a perfect gravy for the rotis I ordered.

The garlic naan was thinner than the usual ones you’d get at hmmmmm, say Devi’s corner? Which is great because then you’d know that they use lesser flour and a whole lot more of garlic toppings, yay! The bread was soft, moist and stretchy – exacly the way I like it. The parotha was basically chapathi. Both these rotis tasted delicious with the Murgh butter tikka masala. I could not stop eating till I have successfully finished everything on my plate, lol. 

I am a fan of spinach, love it! ( ** cue music – Popeye the Sailorman, lol). Add in Indian cheese into the mix? Da bomb yaw!! The cheese basically comes in small cubes. It does not influence the taste of the whole dish much, unless you eat both the cheese and spinach, the you would get a taste of both, but other than that it works individually. Light and fluffy cheese + thick spinach gravy, yummy!! Loved it.


Would I head here again?

Ooooo yess! Again and again I would.



Address: Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.





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