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Asian Rice Pot @ SS 5,Kelana Jaya (PJ) – A favorite

If you guys want good indian food with a relatively modern setting, then do consider paying Asian Rice Pot a visit. It is usually packed/full house during lunch. However, fear not – they occupy 2 floors. Most people (including myself) fancy eating downstairs, simply because it is bright and lively. The atmosphere is often boisterous and noisy – everyone talking at the same time, laughing. Literally everyone comes here, all races and all walks of life. 

That being said though, this is a restaurant that is tucked within a quiet row of shops which is surrounded mostly by houses, yes – it is located in a housing area and a walking distance to Wisma FAM ( Football Asso. of Malaysia). While food is awesome , Asian Rice Pot striked me as one of those eateries that do not go out of their way to make their existence known. Those who know, knows and those who dont, dont. They have regulars that have been eating there for years – me included. Oldies, youngsters, football players from FAM, general working public, kids – you name it. Everyone comes here, those who know of it at least. To those of you who do not know of it, worry not – it is on Waze. After all, it is barely 10 minutes away from Paradigm Mall. You are unlikely to get lost.




It is brightly lit, decorated with love. It is one of those family-run restaurants where you’d get the owner knowing regulars by name, going around wishing people a good day or simply asking how their day was. Every one of them, both owner and employee are welcoming, all the time. Almost always with a smile on their faces. Good customer service, good food, comfortable environment – what more do you need?



There is like an unspoken protocol at this restaurant, lol. Definitely not a RULE, more like a step-by-step guide that most people abide by, lol. As soon as you enter the restaurant – scan the place. If it is busy, go grab yourself a table before you get to the food because if you visit during the busy period, people tend to come in droves which means, as soon as someone vacates a table, there is someone right around the corner to snatch up that empty space. If it is not busy period, then as soon as you enter the restaurant, turn right, take a plate and start filling it. They offer 3 types of rice – briyani, brown and white rice, all day, everyday (as displayed by the 3 silver pots in the first and second image. Next to the rice, you would notice several clay (orange/brown) pots. Those are the curry pots, which also comes in varieties, everyday. Chicken curry, fish curry, mutton curry, crab curry – you name it. Next to the curry pots are the meat section (as displayed image 3) and finally the vegetable section (image 4). Then take your papadums, have a seat and enjoy your meal. 

If you do not fancy rice, they also have vadai,chapathi, thosai and the other usual things you’d find at most Indian restaurants.


Brown rice + Chicken curry + Chicken + Vegetables + Papadums, 10.90 ringgit


!0.90 ringgit for a full plate of Indian goodies,seriously?  I do not come by many Indian eateries that offer me good food at an affordable price these days. Another reason why i KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE. The chicken in the picture above, those are my favorites. It if fried , packed with spice, served in small, crunchy meaty pieces that just makes a dish delicious. Add in thick, flavorful chicken curry? Yumm! The food always tasted fresh – the meat, vegetables, everything. Loved every bit of my experience here.


Would I head here again?

You can bet I will. This eatery is one of my favorites in the area.



Opening hours: No. 11, Jalan SS 5A/11, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays: 8 am – 4 pm. Tuesdays to Sundays: 8 am – 9.30 pm.




Signing out now, Ciao.



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