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Sudo Brew @ Damansara Jaya – Revisited. Still is as good. (Closed)

Hmm, my last trip to Sudo Brew was early/mid last year? i think they changed their operating hours? Not that it matters though. I do not know any other cafes in Petaling Jaya area that opens till 4 am in the morning. How awesome is that ??? When I cant sleep – head to Sudo Brew. When it is 1 am and I still have load of work to finish up – head to Sudo Brew. When I want/need yummy food in the wee hours of the morning – head to Sudo Brew.


Okay, this was an unplanned revisit. I initially intended to head to another restaurant but that was packed to the max. Packed in a kind of way that would mean me having to sit around waiting for at least 30 minutes before I am even lucky enough to get a seat. With a work related meeting just around the corner, I was press for time and I just wanted good food. So, I decided on Sudo Brew. Been here many times and I remember in all those times, food was good and so this is how I found my self revisiting this cafe. Another reason I decided on Sudo Brew was that while I have been to this cafe many times, I have not been to it ever since it made the news – for a negative reason. I did not stay away for that reason, mine was more because I was not in the area but still, i was well versed with what went on, so, I was pretty curious to see if things were still the same.

Was it? The same? Yessssssss! Yay πŸ™‚


The cafe, It still looks the same …



Food still tasted the same ……

Ooooo, In my rush in gobbling up the good food, I kindda forgot to snap a picture of their updated Menu. If youy guys wanna get a feel as to what is served there, do refer to our previous post on Sudo Brew – Sudo Brew @ Damansara Jaya – (UPDATED) Good food and good vibes, totally my go-to cafe in this area. They have since added more items. Perhaps the next time I pay a visit, I’ll snap a picture of it.


Grilled Three-cheese Sub, 16 ringgit


This was really, really yummy! I could not open half of the croissant up without making it all messy. the melted cheese inside acted like a glue, difficult to get through it. So, this dish comes with two medium sized croissants. The filling inside is made up of three types of cheese – Mozzarella + Cheddar + Parmesan. Imagines mixing all three of those , you would have yourself a gooey pile of melted, creamy cheese  and with a little help from mayonnaise, which provides a sweetish flavor, it all combined to make this one delicious calorie overload but -so-worth-it dish.


Chicken Pesto Pasta, 16 ringgit


I usually like my pesto pasta with more pesto in it, to an extent that it is the first and last taste in your mouth. I am a lil loco like that but I do loveeee my pesto. The pasta here did now come with loads of pesto but it was no less delicious. It was creamy and tasteful, filled with flavors. The generous amount of chicken chunks made it all the more better. Love it!


Would I head here again?

Yes I would, again and again.



Address: No. 7, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 4 am.



Signing out now, Ciao.




    1. Hey Tressy. The cafe is mostly visited by students, as KDU is nearby.So, I’d assume that the wifi is good. I had no issues/problems with the connection during my visit. Hope this answers your question. Have a nice day

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