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Yu Noodle Cuisine @ Petaling Street – Noodle Galore. Yum! (Permanently CLOSED)

We were up for some noodles today, nothing too far off as we just have 2 hours to spare. Boss demanded our return back to office, so yea. Bleh. 

Anyways … Heard of Yu Noodles? Located just a few doors away from Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock & Old Chinatown Cafe – having been around for more than half a year , this eatery has steadily been garnering attention. I figured that it’s about time we hop on the bandwagon too. I have not been to the other branches in Damansara Uptown and Kuchai Lama, so this really was a new experience for me. 

It was full-house for lunch. They occupy 2 floors, the ground floor was packed to the max, so we were requested to head on to the top and even that was almost filled. So yea, they seem popular enough. Worth giving a try, ey?


Ground Floor



First Floor


The restaurant has an appealing rustic feel to it. They mixed if all up pretty well, a perfect blend of old school and new school. Plenty of chatter and laughter everywhere and oooo not to forget plenty of “sssllluuuuuuuuurrpppp” sound people make that when they ingest  sup + noodles. All around pleasant atmosphere.



This eatery offers ONLY NOODLES. It comes with 2 types of broth – the usual soupy kind and the tom yum kind. They also offer two types of noodles – Mee Hoon and Mee Xian (thicker rice noodle, the size similar to the yellow noodles that accompanies Mamak Mee Goreng ?) Once you have decided on the broth of your choice, you can then decide on what meat and etc you’d want with it. Now, that comes in a variety. So yea, plenty of choices and add ons available – ranging from pork ball, to fish slices to Japanese Clamps.


(Y105) – Feng Cheng Sui Kao, 11.50 ringgit


This was surprisingly delicious. Between the two broths, I was more interested in the Tom Yum option. Just the anticipation of the spice and hotness left me all giddy. I assumed this would taste like the soup that usual accompanied chicken rice? It’s just there to provide some additional taste? Not really something you would drink up till the bowl is empty but boy, was I wrong. This soup was thicker than I anticipated and packed with flavors. Just deliciously different. As you can see, we decided to try the Mee Xian noodles here and it was a good choice. I liked it and the Sui Kao – da bomb! The dish came with 6 huge sui kao. Eating it with the soup and noodle was truly delicious. Yum!


(TY109) – Tom Yum Grouper Fish Slice, 21.50 ringgit


This was another surprise. I see myself as someone who is well versed with spice. Usually the case is that when my friends starts sweating and blowing their noses, I am still steadily slurping that bowl of hot soup. It never really kicks in for me, mostly. Here though, my noses started flowing and my forehead started sweating. Woa. The spice kicks in slowly and when it does, if hits you like a Bang but I enjoyed every bit of it, lol. I opted for a Mee Hoon noodle which complemented the soup very well. Plenty of fish balls and about 4,5 chunkc of Grouper fish slices. Very yummy and tasty indeed.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. The place was nice, food was awesome. Good customer service. Certainly worth going back to.



Address: 7-13, Jalan Balai Polis, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur City Centre


Opening hours: Everyday. 10.30 am – 9.30 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.




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