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Geographer Cafe @ Tun HS Lee -They never disappoint! Yum :) (Permanently CLOSED)

My visit today to this cafe was totally unplanned. It was one of those occasions whereby I was passing through the area to head to somewhere else and somehow this cafe just conveniently popped up in my brain. 

Since acquiring a parking spot here is close to impossible during lunch time, I parked at the same place I did the last time – at the Mydin building, back of Kota Raya, for 2.50 ringgit an hours. Once I parked, had to walk for about 8 minutes before reaching Geographer The walk was pleasant and quite an experience. You’d immediately be sucked into the ‘interesting mess’ that comes with that part of town, lol. The traffic, the people, the shops/stores – an experience indeed. For more details on my previous experience here, do read  – Geographer Cafe @ Tun HS Lee – Absolute Satisfaction, Yum!

The cafe itself still is the same, same cozy and welcoming vibe. You’d just feel very comfortable there, it has that old school feel to it. I sure do love the interior, the ambiance. It is the kind of place you’d want to bring your date to? The kind of place that somehow subtle-ly induces you into staying/remaining there longer than you usually would. I usually prefer leaving as soon as I finish my meal but this cafe, time and time again – I always remain spending an extra 30-45 minutes, just talking, playing around with my phone.  It isnt just me, you’d see loads of tourists and backpackers dropping by on their own, ordering a cuppa coffee and typing away on their laptops/phones. It sure is interesting. This cafe is just different from most other cafes. That is all I’ve got to say, lol.



Some of the items on the Menu has changed. All sound equally as delicious as the items they had on previously.



The BIC ‘British India Company’ Breakfast, 28 ringgit


I’ve eaten plenty of  Big Breakfast but not many tend to mix it up, especially not in a way Geographer Cafe does. As per the name of this dish “British India Company” , they literally mix it up with some Indian influence. Where else would you find onion fritters and chicken kebabs in a Big Breakfast? Only at Geographer. This dish was yummy! The eggs were scrambled in manner I like – not well done, just somewhere in between. There were mushrooms, red beans, salad, 2 pieces of bread, tomatoes. Sooo yummy! The chicken kebab was crispy, flavorful and spicy. It brings an extra ‘kick’ to the whole dish. The onion fritters were crunchy and tasty. AS oppose to many other places, who loves to pile up on the flour, here – you’d get little flour with loads of onions. Yum!


Sabah Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice, 28 ringgit


Ooooo man, do not get me started on this dish. The fried soft shell crab was da bomb! The crab here was pretty huge, I kindda thought half of it was made up of flour but nope, the flour was just a thin layer on the outside, the inside – was all crab, from one end to the other. No joke. They added some spices and that gave it some sort of spicy, herb-y flavor? It gives it a different taste entirely from the ones you’d usually get elsewhere. The flavors from the crab totally compliments the salted egg fried rice, which on its own was utterly delicious. The whole dish was delicious. Certainly a dish I will reorder again and again.


Would I head here again?

Heck ya! Definitely worth a return.


Address: No. 93, Jalan Tun HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am – 11.30 am. Sundays, 10 am – 6 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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