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Wizards @ Tribeca, Jalan Imbi – Yum Yum Yuuuummmm.

If you guys fancy an eatery with a “Botanica+ co”  feel/vibe, minus the cramp-y feel from the overload of people, spacious, with equally as good food – do head on over to Wizards. 


Once you take a good look around, you’d notice that the owner has really put some thought into making this eatery as comfortable as possible for its customers. Why? The layout speaks for itself. if you just want a quick bite and you do not mind sitting anywhere, there are tables as soon as you enter. There is also the smoking/outdoor area next to it (Image 1 & 2). As you head on to the middle section, there are about 4,5 usual sized tables with 2 additional larger/longer tables + sofa and gifted with a bright view of the busy road right outside (Image 6&7). If you want privacy and/or you came with a bigger group, head on over towards the end of Wizards (Image 8). The waiter do not walk all the way to that end often, so you would get all the privacy you would want. It is all well thought of. Love the interior. Cozy, comfortable and welcoming. Customer service is awesome, they are more than happy to assist you if you require assistance. 

Waze would guide you here if you do not already know where Tribeca is. However, once you have reached he front of the building, it would seem like the building isnt officially open/not in operation yet? You would see Wizards of course and people walking by but what I was referring to is in a “Errrrr, do you think I can park in here?” manner, lol. Yes you can, Just enter the building and head on over to their underground parking.



Buttermilk Fried Chicken, 28 ringgit


This was their recommended dish under the burger/sandwiches option and boy, it was yummy! First of all – do you notice the generous size on that fried chicken patty? Yup, it comes in one bag chunk. It was delicious, juicy, crunchy, flavorful. The kimchi cabbage and mango relish gave it that ‘wet’ taste that complimented the ‘hard’ exterior of the burger. I just have one tiny issue with the burger though – the buttermilk was not enough? For instance, if one order a salted egg chicken burger – usually the burger patty is served soaked/covered with the salted egg sauce, right? Here however, the buttermilk sauce just covered the side where the chicken and the bun met, which is not nearly enough. That being said, the burger was nevertheless delicious. Loved it.


Melting pot, 26 ringgit


Ooooo yes, the baked eggs were da bomb!! Soooo yummy. There were loads of chicken chorizo (sausage?), spinach, mushrooms, potatoes with homemade tomato coulis. It sure was one pan of delicious goodies. Could not stop eating until I’ve licked the whole pan clean. Rich, creamy, bursting with flavors, chewy, gooey – you name it. This dish also came with a side of toasted sourdough which was awesome. All you had to do was dip the bread into the baked eggs and put some of those chicken chorizo on it and oooooo – delicious! 


Would I head here again?

Oooo yes, I most certainly will. Yeeees!



Address: Ground floor, Tribeca Residence, Jalan Imbi


Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.



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