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Whip Up @ Pudu – A Delightful Experience

I had an awesome time here. Truly.

This is one of those quiet, unassuming lil cafes that is tucked in a quiet corner. Easily missed if you know nothing about it? 

Waze might take you round and round KL though, depending on where you are coming from as it did to me, lol but it is actually just 5-8 minutes away from Times Square. Just make sure you are on the road heading towards PJ, which means Time Square is on left and you are right in front of it. Then, just walk/drive straight down and the first turning to the left -do take that and you will be on a road that branches 3 ways – extreme left . left and right, do the the left one, which basically is in the middle and you will reach the cafe. I saw lots of people passing by, on their way back from Times Square. So, again – if the day is pleasant, do consider taking a  slow walk. It has a nice feel to it.

Whip Up is located next to a boutique hotel – Ceria Hotel, along a quiet row of shops, by the roadside.




The eatery is small yet warm and cozy. There is the baking section at the back – all out in the open, which means, you would get to smell the delicious aromas of the cookies they were baking.

Speaking of cookies …. if you love them cookies – pineapple tarts, coffee chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies and etc, using good ingredients and absolutely tasty – do consider driving here and getting yourself some. The bigger container cost RM 25 ringgit and the smaller ones cost 18 ringgit.


As you can see, there were testers available (image above) – I loveeeee their coffee chocolate chip cookie, the ones located in the right-most container. It is small, not overwhelming bitter with coffee aftertaste and the chocolate chip makes all the difference in balancing the coffee and sweetness. I also fell in love with their pineapple tart – oooo man, those were the bomb! 25 ringgit for these lovelies, Ooooo man, how can I resist!

Considering the number of biscuit containers they had there, I assumed I could just buy them and indulge immediately but guess what? Those were just a quaer of a Chinese New Year order they had to fulfill. I was told that they will be occupied this whole week trying to fulfill that order and so, I’ve put in an order for them coffee cookies, pineapple tarts – to be collected next Monday. Yay!




The Battle For Peace-Tachio, 18 ringgit


This was delicious. A perfect blend of sponge, mousse and couli. Do not let the chocolate exterior fool you into thinking this would be a chocolate sweet delight. Nope. It is more of a delicious mix of  bitter sweet delight. The chocolate had a bitterness to it that complemented the chocolate mouse and pistachio filling. The raspberry couli provided a sour ‘kick’ that to the sweet and bitterness of this dessert. It is different but decadent and delicious. Loved it.


Madam Ng’s Special Nasi Lemak, 25 ringgit 


One thing I liked about this dish – besides it being yummy, was the fact that they minimized on the coconut milk  ‘santan’ used, which meant that rather than it being all gooey, sticky and fattening – the kind that fills your stomach to the max, here – it was appealingly light and fluffy. The anchovies sambal was delicious. Cooked just the way I like it, with a feel of home. Not dripping in oil, with plenty of anchovies and spice. The chicken rendang that was suppose to accompany this dish was out of stock at the time I paid a visit, so instead – I was given a generous amount of chicken fillets. It actually tasted nice with the Nasi Lemak, who would have thought, ey? Certainly not me, lol. Once everything is mixed, this nasi lemak was da bomb! Loved it.


Mix It Yourself Hot Chocolate, 15 ringgit


Now I get why they name this drink the way they did, lol. You would literally have to pour the milk into the cup with some thick melted chocolate in it by yourself and mix it all up. Delicious!!! Thick, decadent, slightly bitter Valrhona chocolate with milk? Delicious!!



Would I head here again?

Of course I will. I had a delightful experience here. Certainly coming back for more.



Address: No. 270, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu


Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays – Sundays, 9 am – 10 pm. Tuesdays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.




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