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Fook Yeah @ MyEG Tower, Empire City, PJ – Good food

Okay, first up – check out their uber cool “oriental” interior …


Looks nice ey? The restaurant itself is pretty big, well spread out. It had a modern,posh and elegant feel to it and of course – chic oriental. Nice, very nice indeed.

That being said though, there are several things they should consider looking into. Fook Yeah is new, just over 3 weeks old so I should cut them some slacks , especially since the manager did take some time to explain to us that they are still testing and playing around with things just to see what fits best, that is understandable but ….

For instance, the table size. While the furniture used are nice and comfy, they seem a tad on the large size and family focused. I assume that with Fook Yeah being located on the Ground floor of MyEG Tower, their main focus would be on the folks working within the tower itself, right? Not everyone is bound to come in a big group. What about 2 seaters or even a single seater? There were few small tables (square, 4 seater) that were around, about two of them but lets just say the larger tables are everywhere and they kindda overwhelm the smaller ones. I went there with a friend and we took quite a bit of time trying to locate a 2 seater or a smaller table for the 2 of us and guess what – there wasn’t any. The servers that assisted us, even he guided the two of us a 6 seater table. It can be quite intimidating for some people, especially single seaters. Something to consider, perhaps.

Secondly, while the staff were courteous, they are probably new, too? and perhaps need a lil more fine tuning?  My experience entering this eatery was this – as soon as I entered, I asked whether I am free to pick my seat or will I be assisted and was told that I will be assisted. Soon enough, a staff came by and guided us to what was suppose to be our table and when we were almost reaching the table – he stopped and started looking around as though it suddenly occurred to him that perhaps another table would be better since the table he guided us to was next to a long table filled up with 10, 11 boisterous individuals. Okay then, we gave him some time to guide us to another table – however, it seemed like he thought his job was done? We got tired of waiting, thanked him and decided to walk to the other end, where it was more quiet and sat ourselves there. After that slight blunder at the start, the rest of my experience here was good other than  the fact that they never brought me my dessert. The ambiance was awesome, food was good but hey, sometimes for some people – first impression matters, right? 


For now, they only serve the Set Meals above. Their chef just flown in a week ago and their are still trying out a couple of items before they get their a la carte Menu up and running. I hope they figure it out soon because from the dishes i’ve tasted – it was delicious.


Set A – Garlic Seafood Fried Rice, 14.90 ringgit + Set C – Egg Wrap Rice with Lemongrass Fried Chicken, 14.90 ringgit


First, let me mention this before I get into details – each set come with a plate of  yummy food + drinks + dessert, for only 14.90 ringgit. Really worth it.

Both the dishes were delicious but in terms of preference – I prefer Set C. Set C was da bomb ! Seriously. The fried rice was yummy and flavorful, add on a crispy fried chicken on the side – yum! Each mouthful was awesome, I just kept coming back for more. There were also some fish crackers + salad + pickled sweet vegetables on the side. Love it. We had Teh O’ for drinks and dessert? Well I cannot comment much on the dessert because it never arrived. Yes, we waited and waited and waited and it never arrived but thank god my stomach was full at the end of it all that loosing out on the dessert did not matter much, lol. Set A was yummy too, the garlic fried rice had the usual garlic-ky taste. If you fancy a fried rice of the garlic variety, do give Set A a try but me? I am all for Set C, in love with it.


Would I head here again?

I would love to but perhaps I will give it some time before I head there again. Enough time for them to settle on their a la carte Menu but yea, I would love to head to Fook Yeah again.


Address: Ground Floor, MyEG Tower, Empire City, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Mondays – Saturdays, 11 am – 8 pm. Sundays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.





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