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Amore Espresso Bar @ TTDI – A positively pleasant experience. (Permanently CLOSED)

Located directly above D’Legends Bar is Amore Espresso Bar. Just a lil more than 3 months old, this cafe is slowly becoming the new hang out spot for the folks of TTDI. Rather than having to spend a rather large amount of $$ for a drink at Starbucks in exchange for some wifi and a place to sit, just spend an additional minute walking to the back, along the alley right next to Starbucks and voila!, you’d arrive at Amore.



The cafe is pretty big. If you noticed from the images above, the furniture are well spaced out from one another. The plus side to that is the space the customers enjoy without having to worry about their conversations being overheard. The downside is that, with a few tables and chairs, the cafe is bound to get crowded and filled to its capacity in no time, especially peak hours. Of course, for my benefit, I would rather they remain an under-the-radar- cafe, lol. A place I can go to on my own, order a couple of drinks & food while also working on my laptop or a place I can have a gathering with friends. It is cozy, comfortable, spacious and with 80’s and 90’s music playing on their radio – what more do it need?



They offer a small selection of this and that. 2 options for rice bowl, 3 options for croissant 2 options for light bites, desserts ranging from soft serve to specialty cakes and a variety of options for drinks, ranging from oolong tea to latte to hot chocolate. There is a little bit of everything for everybody.


Bulgogi Chicken Bowl, 15 ringgit


This dish was yummy. There is a certain kind of excitement when it comes to a rice bowl, especially when you see all the ingredients nicely placed, the want/need to mix it and mess it all up – a rush of excitement, lol. Exactly what I felt when I started mixing the Korean kimchi, sliced cucumber, dried seaweed, spring onions, crispy crunch and soft boiled egg with the rice. It all got mixed intoa bowl of gooey, yummy rice. There is a variety of flavors, the kimchi makes all the difference in providing a certain ‘kick’ that made it all the more tasty. 


Turkey Ham & Swiss Cheese Croissant, 12 ringgit


This was a simple dish, something you would be able to put together yourself. Consisting of ham, cheese, mayo, salad, onion, and croissant – if you fancy yourself something light and simple, this dish could be it. It was not heavy or filling, just light enough without making you feel stuffed. 


Softserve Latte, 15 ringgit


This is their most popular dessert, which basically is a combination of  latter + softserve or rather a softserve in a latte. It was a first time for me, tasting a dessert like this and it was delicious. The slightly bitter taste that comes with the latte complemented the sweetness of the Rose Oolong softserve. The softserve had some crunchy bits in it with somehow worked well with everything else. Soooo yummy. Do give this a try.


Chocolate Softserve, 8 ringgit


Lets just say upon tasting the Rose Oolong Softserve in the latte, I was tempted to give their other softserve option – Chocolate flavor, a try. It was equally as delicious, creamy, decadent and yummy. Loveeeeee it.


Would I head here again?

Most definitely πŸ™‚



Address: 24 A, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 10.30 am – 8 pm, Saturdays & Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm. Mondays Closed



Signing out now, Ciao




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