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The Porki Society @ Sea Park, PJ – Tasty Thai Food

We rarely venture into Taman Sea/Sea Park, mostly because somewhere at the back of our head – we always assumed that it was pretty far away. Upon driving here though, we realized that it isnt. Porki Society has been around for a few years, since 2014, if I am not mistaken. A friend of ours, who works in the area mentioned this restaurant and how crowded it gets for lunch, naturally because of the ‘porki’ variety they offer. As its name suggest, pork is the main hero here, as in literally all the dishes comes with some form of pork meat, minus the desserts. 

So, here were are, giving Porki Place a go. First thing I noticed – my friend was right, the eatery was full for lunch, we decided to join in the ‘waiting list’ and waited around for about 5 minutes and then, we were seated. Yay.


The eatery is located within a row of shops, in an old school business area of sorts. There are restaurants everywhere, you guys can have your pick. The Porki Society is beside Old Klang Road Curry Puff, the lot in yellow.  Oooh, if you guys love curry puff, do try the curry puffs here. Delicious! They have a variety – tuna, chicken curry, chicken rendang, chocolate and etc. My favourite is the Chicken Rendang curry puff. da bomb! ( Will do a review on them soon). 

Sorry, got off topic for a bit, lol. Anyways ……

The place is cozy but noisy, filled with chatter. A lot of office folks pay a visit here for lunch. Throughout my whole time here, it was chatter chatter, laughter and more chatter. It liked it. It gave out a lively, exciting vibe. Service was good, food arrived promptly. Funny thing was, while literally everyone here was an adult – they had Tome & Jerry playing on the TV and literally half of the people here were watching it, including me, lol. What a way to reminisce our childhood, ey. Nice.




Lunch Set: LS3 Minced Pork Rice + Lemongrass Drink, 10.90


This was part of their Lunch Set deal, of which you’d get a main meal + drink for 10.90 ringgit. I forgot to take a picture of their Lunch sets – I apologize. Got carried a way as soon as the food arrived. I guess for lunch sets, they have everything pre-prepared? because this dish came super fast, within 5 minutes upon ordering. The food was delicious but if it is your first time here and if you want the whole experience – I would suggest that you guys not order the set and instead order the dish on its own from the main Menu? Yes, you would end up paying a few extra ringgit, minus a drink but you would get more variety to choose from – as in the style of the pork meat, BBQ, green curry, fried, and etc. The set only came with minced pork + gravy, not much variety to choose from. You would also get a slightly bigger portion and crackers if you order from the Main Menu. If you are a regular here, then I guess it would not matter. The set lunches totally makes sense.

The set lunch was yummy, the minced pork + gravy was flavorful but it felt like it was missing something? Maybe some cashews? some crunchy vegetables? I dont know. However, the omelette and cucumbers added the much needed crunch. I added in some chilli oil and that made all the difference in the combined taste. After mixing it all up – it was awesome.


Pad Thai, 11.90 ringgit


Now this dish, was da bomb. Delicious. You’d get a plate of sticky, gooey noodles + peanut crumbs + pork meat + tauhu + bean sprouts, mix it all up and yummmmmm!! Of course, add in some chili oil into the mix and it even gets much better. This is worth every penny.


Red Ruby, 7.90 ringgit


I was wholly satisfied with my dessert. First of all, they give you the sweetener/sugar separately, which means you get to choose the level of sweetness you want. I did not even use much sweetener, lets just say I like tasting the taste of coconut milk equally rather than being overpowered by the sugar – which is the case often. Secondly, literally from top all the way to the bottom – you would find red rubies. You really do get a generous porting here. Almost every other Thai restaurant I go to has measly amount of rubies that is drowned in coconut milk and sugar. That is not the case here. Yay! From the top, till the bottom – it is filled with red rubies. Literally every spoon you take, there is bound to be one or more red rubies in it. How awesome is that? It tasted delicious, with generous portions of everything, certainly worth reordering.


Would I head here again?

I most definitely will.



Address: No. 10, Jalan 21/19, Seapark, Seksyen 21, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday, 12 pm – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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