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Forty Hands @ The Sphere, Bangsar South – New kid on the block (Permanently CLOSED)

We wanted to try a cafe/restaurant close to work today, somewhere in Bangsar South but definitely not Nexus. Well, when you work right across the road and nexus is usually where we end up when we have limited time to spend for lunch – it is bound to get boring. So, instead, we decided to give one of the restaurants/cafes at the newly opened The Sphere a try. For those of you familiar with Bangsar South, you would know that The Sphere now looks nothing like it used to be. It is more chic, modern and fancier. Even the Aeon branch here looks fancy, resembling Jaya Grocer and Sams Grocer as opposed to its usual “messy and at times dirty” getup.  Woaaa.

There is a string of new additions here, including Portofino and Forty H4nds, among others. You would be able to see the eateries as you drive past, they are strategically located – facing the road. Parking is easy, just head round the block and you’d find several points of entry, with a rate of 2 ringgit per hour.


We decided to give Forty H4nds today, a cafe originated from Singapore, with inspirations from Australia. It was packed when we got in. The lunch crowd doing what it does best – eating, talking, laughing. Do expect a boisterous atmosphere. If you want some quiet, it would be best if you visited the cafe after 2 pm? Once the lunch crowd has dispersed because trust me – I mean it when I say it can get loud. 

It can get a lil tight in terms of space during peak hours, the kind that if you fling your hands aimlessly to the left or right – you might bump someone from the next table? Big group need not worry, this is applicable to the 2,3 seaters. Thank god my crowd anxiety was in check or else I would have had a attack right there, lol. Service was good and despite the crowd, food arrived pretty fast. Awesome.


As you can see from the Menu, compared to their Singapore counter part that serves mostly Australian inspired brunches, the dishes served here are a blend of Western and Asian. You’d get Big Breakfast, Banana Bacon French Toast to Korean Fried Chicken Burger and steamed buns, Kong Bah Pao. 


Pesto Chicken Panini, 25 ringgit


This was delicious. If you like pesto like I do, you would love this dish. You’d get a good mix of crunch and gooeyness. Do expect a generous portion of grilled chicken with pesto sauce + mozzarella cheese + nuts + tomato and of course, the panini bread. I loveeee mozzarella and throw in grilled chicken with pesto sauce, oooo man, pesto lovers sure would love this. I sure did.


Korean Fried Chicken Burger, 25 ringgit


Yup, as the image above depicts – be sure to expect a thick,crunchy double fried boneless chicken thigh for a burger filling. It was delicious and  the mayonnaise was da bomb, it elevated the taste of the chicken thigh + charcoal bun burger combo even way better. They referred to it as “Kimchi Mayonnaise” . I dont know about the “kimchi” though cause I did not taste anything resembling kimchi in it but I sure did taste a spice, chili mix that allowed the mayonnaise a rather unique taste – a lil sweet, a lil spice. Their rather unique blend of mayonnaise + thick, crunchy, meaty chicken thigh + charcoal bun, a yummy burger indeed.



Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. For the folks working in Bangsar South, myself included, this new addition is more than welcome. It can get pretty boring having to head across the road to Nexus all the time , as we are constantly on a time limit. So yea, I’d return to Forty H4nds. Food was yummy anyways. So, why not,ey?



Address: Unit G6, The Sphere, No. 1, Avenue 1, No.8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South


Opening hours: Everyday,  7.30 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao




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