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Makan Culture @ Melawati Mall (Halal) – Nasi Goreng Kampung just the way we like it :)

We had a couple of household items to get at Kaison and decided to head to their branch at Melawati Mall. This would also enable us to check out what else is new there. As you guys would already know, Melawati Mall is arelatively new mall, most of the shops lots were vacant during our last visit and it was good to see more lots occupied this time.

After getting what we needed at Kaison, we walked around for a bit and decided on having lunch at Makan Culture.Β 


The restaurant has a simple, cozy setting. Service was good and food arrived promptly. They serve dishes of the Asian Fusion variety. Whatever that tickles your fancy – noodles, rice, drinks, desserts.




Nasi Goreng Kampung, 14.90 ringgit


Looks simple? Do not let that fool you though. If you want a Kampung style fried rice that totally feels ‘home cooked’ , then make sure you guys give this a go. It sure is worth every penny. The dish comes with anchovies (ikan bilis) though, if you do not like em’, be sure to tell them to exclude that ingredient from your dish. Other than that, the rice comes with a side of fried egg and chicken. Both cooked the similar way most of us cook them at home, just a whole lot nicer than our perhaps, lol. The chicken is fried in its simplest form, with just the right amount of salt and spice, no flour added. Imagine the combination of all the things I mentioned, on a plate – it tasted delicious! I would totally order this on repeat.


Set Lunch : Dry Curry Noodle + Drink, 9.90 ringgit


We decided to give their Set Lunch a try and opted for the dry curry noodle. I have not gotten around to trying many ‘dry curry’ dishes, I was excited to give this a try. Upon trying, I like it. It tasted like kuey teow with some gravy. Tasty indeed.Β 


Buttermilk Spaghetti Ayam Goreng, 17.90 ringgit


I am not too sure about this dish though, I would most probably give this a miss the next time I pay Makan Culture a visit. I generally do not like my spaghetti dishes soggy and wett, which was the case here. Yes, I am one of those, lol. Taste wise, it resembles a buttermilk dish. The fried chicken worked well with the buttermilk spaghetti and it all tasted good.Β  You guys may like this but I did not, not so much for how it tasted but more because it was soggy. I am a fuss, I know, lol.



Would I head here again?

For that Nasi Gorend Kampung, I certainly will.



Address: Level 3, Melawati Mall, Ampang


Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 9 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.





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