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AliBaba & Nyonya @ TTDI – Tasty Nyonya food

AliBaba & Nyonya is literally the new kid on this block, as in they officially opened doors last Mondays, which means that they are just over a week old. Although they are new, based on the few times I’ve driven past them around lunch time – they seem to have no problem with customers, almost always filled with eager folks. Seeing all this made me arrive at a conclusion that this eatery serves pretty good food and it certainly is worth a try.Β 

The eatery is located next to Secret Recipe and opposite McDonalds.Β  Secret Recipe used to occupy 2 lots, the corner lot and the lot next to it, however it is apparent that they have given up their corner lot because it is now taken over by AliBaba & Nyonya.Β 


The eatery looks vibrant, exudes a Nyonya-ish feel which totally fits they kind of food they offer. The light from the outside totally brightens up the whole place. It is cheerful and fun. The furniture are all well spaced out, which means you would still be able to eat in peace despite the place being packed. Yay ! Customer service is good – they were friendly and nice. Food arrived pretty fast.





Nasi Ulam, 6.13 ringgit + Chicken Rendang (S), 20.66 ringgit + Fried KangKung Belacan, 13.68 ringgit


Okay, so for some of the items, the price here is a tad more expensive than usual – a small plate of chicken rendang for almost 21 ringgit? but I guess the fact that the food tasted good makes up for it because trust me – it was delicious. The Chicken Rendang was awesome, really really tasty. I wished it came with more chicken pieces though – 2 pieces of chicken thigh and a drumstick was not enough to be shared between the two of us, lol but boy, was it da bomb! You’d get tender chicken meat, the kind that literally falls of the bone, soaked and packed with flavor. the rendang gravy was thick and packed with flavor. Yummmmm!Β  Their Kangkung Belacan was awesome. I generally fancy this dish and the folks here cooked them just right, loved it. The belacan flavor was evident in every spoonful of kangkung I took.


Sago Gula Melaka, 5.18 ringgit


AliBaba & Nyonya also sells those popular packaged nyonya kuihs and I thought ofΒ  having some Onde-onde for dessert but by the time I decided on them – they were all sold out. So, I decided on the Sago Gula Melaka instead. Loved it – just the right amount of sweetness, gooeyness. The combination of the sweet gula melaka, thicken coconut milk and the sago pearls made it a perfect end to my experience here.Β 


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. I intend to give their Mee Siam a try next.



Address: Lot 54, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail


Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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