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Durianity @ Puchong – It’s a feast – Durian style! Delicious! (Permanently CLOSED)

Have you ever heard of these combinations? BBQ Musang King Durian with Fried Rice? Musang King Durian Pizza? Cheesy Durian French Fries? Salted Egg Durian Chicken with Rice?  Nope – certainly not me, amigo.

Desserts like durian softserve, durian cakes, YES but main meals that I eat for lunch being infused with Durians? Never but hey, if you guys are as curious as I was – Durianity is the place to try it.



The restaurant occupies a corner lot, a pretty big space. They need it though because at the time I was there, all seats were occupied. I liked how spaced out each table was from one another, you get your own invisible mini space to eat in peace without bumping into one another. Lots of chatters, conversations and laughter. The eatery had a happy vibe going on or maybe it’s just me lol. I loveeeee durian and being surrounded by them – I was in heaven. 


When I say surrounded – I mean it. Look at all these tempting goodies we were surrounded with while waiting for our dishes to arrive…



Ooooo there is more….



and more …..



Yup, for durian lover like myself – this was heaven! Durian biscuits, durian dodol, durian coffee, actual durian fruits, durian paste, durian cakes…. man, da bomb!


Anyways, lets move on. If you are not a durian fan and all you want is good food without a tinge of durian in it – worry not. Durianity got you covered. For instance, besides the Salted Egg DURIAN Chicken with rice, they also serve the non-durian version, Salted Egg Chicken with Rice. Here, if is obvious they have put plenty of thoughts into making their customer experience as awesome as possible. They took into consideration that not everyone loves durian and came up with a variety of dishes to appeal to the lovers and haters.  They also have a Menu specially designed for VEGETARIANS. How cool is that?




Vegetarian Menu




Petai Chicken with Rice, 12.17 ringgit


This dish had no durian in it. My friend was not feeling that adventurous today, lol and since he fancied petai sambal , this dish worked for him. It was delicious. The sambal was spicy with a lil sweetness to it, the petai added plenty of crunch and the chicken were boneless, cut into small chewy bits. This dish was tasty and we liked it very much except for one tiny issue. There was not enough gravy. As you would notice from the image, the gravy that came with the chicken and petai is not even enough to cover half the rice. So, we requested for more…



and… we were happy πŸ™‚


Salted Egg Durian Chicken with Rice, 15.20 ringgit


We ordered the durian version of this but what we think we received was the non durian version of it? because there was not even a tiny bit of durian flavor in this dish. Durian has a strong taste, even a bit of it – you would be able to taste it. None of it here though. The eatery was full and Durianity is pretty new, sol I guess they got my order mixed up.  Was I disappointed though?

Nope, not at all. The food was delicious. Delicious in the mouth watering, ‘I want more’ kind. Get what I mean? Upon tasting the first mouth – I had a conscious decision to made, whether I want them to redo the dish or to just have a go at this non durian version. I decided to give it a go. It was too good, I could not resist it. I did however enquire about the Durian version , just to make sure that I received the non durian version instead of the durian version with very very little durian and was told that the durian version usually comes with equal amount of durian and salted egg, which means I would be able to taste the flavors. In this case, I did not, so yea, I guess they got my order mixed up. I did not mind much though, food was absolutely delicious. 


Musang King Durian Smoothie with Sago, 15.94 ringgit


They got this order mixed up too and unlike the salted egg rice dish, this time, we requested a redo. I loveeeeee sago but was initially given the ‘cendol’ version, which I did not fancy at all.


Cendol Version
Sago Version

See the difference between the images above? The Cendol version has bigger bits of green cendol fillings in it, a lighter green and the sago comes with darker green, small round sago pearls. It is different, yes? We had to request a change twice because the first time around, the guy that makes the drinks was adamant in thinking that the Cendol version was actually Sago. Was he loco? I loveee my sago and to think that I would mix up cendol with sago?  Puhleeeeez, bro.

Anyways, they did change it second time around and I was happy :). It was delicious. It comes with a scoop of durian ice cream, the drink as a whole was thick and packed with durian flavor and the sago they used were the ‘cold’ version, which meant that it was chewy and it certainly did complement the drink. Loved it.

Durian Soft Serve, 5.90 ringgit


I could not resist, dont judge me, lol. I just could not help myself. I saw many people waiting in line to get their soft serve and I decided to join in. It was yummy! Gooey, thick, packed with durian flavor and all for 5.90 ringgit. Totally worth it.



Would I head here again?

You can bet I will. The food was delicious, everything about my experience here was awesome – including the mix ups, lol. I would definitely head back here and perhaps this time, give their Salted Egg Durian Chicken with Rice a try.



Address: G21, 101 Boulevard, Jalan kenari 6, Puchong Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 11 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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