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Go Noodle House @ Pearl Shopping Gallery, Old Klang Road – Pan Mee Soup, I’m now a fan!

There are some days whereby your olfactory system decides what you are eating for lunch today? Yup, your nose senses a tasty,yummy scent/smell and your brains deduces what mouthwatering dish has that delicious scent/smell and then you head to an eatery that you think serves that dish best – know what I mean? Yup, it is one of those days for me today. I am driven by my nose, lol.

I saw someone eating some asam laksa and the smell was mouthwatering but lets just say my nose and head decided to be at crossroads today. Yea the nose scented asam laksa but the brain was like “Yea but I want some pan mee and so lets go to Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee in SS2.” How a wet dish like asam laksa resembles a dry pan me dish – I do not know, lol but the head want what it wants, so dry pan mee it is.

My tummy was all rumbly just thinking about that dry chili pan mee, when my friend said ” Eh come onlaaaa, just this once, go and try this awesome pan mee soup. I know you are not a fan of the soup version but you’d like the ones at Go Noodle House”Β  and so …. here I was.

They have several outlets in KL – 1 Utama, Jaya One and etc but I decided to head to the one at Pearl Shopping Gallery because I’ve never visited it before. Since I heard that they are usually packed for lunch, I decided to pay a visit around 2.30 pm, so that I would not need to wait around for a table and also so that my food arrives super fast.


It has an oriental feel to it, I think all their outlets exudes a similar feel. Pretty cool.Β  Oooo , and they have these cute mini bottles of rice wines on display with the owners name on it. It applies the similar concept to whisky, alcohol bottles at bars? The kind you buy a whole bottle upfront and the bar keeps it with your name on it and serve you with it whenever you pay a visit the next time? Yup, same concept


Cool ey?



So, if you look through the Menu, you’d notice they only serve the soup version of pan mee, not the dry version. Only the soup version. They do however have a variety of selections and add-ons you can play around with.


Fried Fu Chuk, 6.90 ringgit


While waiting for my pan mee to arrive, I decided to munch on this dish. This was awesome. It was thin and crispy all around, literally felt like I was eating ‘keropok’, crackers. There was no oil dripping or it being coated in oil. It was light, thin, crunchy. Would definitely order this tasty munchy again.


(502) Homemade Spicy Soup Pan Mee, 11.30 ringgit


Okay, so visually, it was appealing. I never was much of a pan mee soup fan, I usually like them dry but the visual + yummy scent made it all too tempting to resist.Β 

They would ask you whether you would want some vinegar to be added into your soup and I decided to give it a try, since the guy did assure me that it would taste good, nothing too overly strong. I liked it, the vinegar offered a lil extra kick to the soup, just a lil. I do not like the taste of bitterness that accompanies vinegar but you would hardly taste the bitterness here. It dooes seem like when mixed with the spicy soup, the bitterness changes to something more appealing and pleasant. I liked it.


They offer 3 types of noodles you can choose – thin, thick and tear. Between the two of us, we ordered one dish with thin noodles and another with tear noodle. Both were equally as delicious.Β 

I was wholly satisfied with the dish. I think I may actually have a soft spot for the soup version of pan mee now. It offered me a delicious blend of flavors, packed with plenty of spice. The anchovies brought the dish to a whole new level. If I were to pay a visit the next time, I would place an add-on order for extra anchovies because the anchovies made all the difference. There was also some crunchy seaweed and spinach. The dish did not come with an egg but since I am used to eating my pan mee with an egg, I decided to add that in on the side. Imagine mixing all those ingredients up and eating it – Yummmmmmm! Loved it.


Would I head here again?

I certainly would and I would totally return to this specific branch here at Pearl. The shopping gallery took me by surprise, it quiet, but nice. I like the place and I certainly like this specific branch of Go Noodle House. Food was good, service was great. I would go back.



Address: Lot 1-14 A, First Floor, Pearl Shopping Gallery, Menara Pearl Point 2, Off Jalan Klang Lama.


Opening hours: Everyday, Mondays to Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.





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