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Nature’s Vegetarian Restaurant @ PJS 8 – I loveeee meat but the food here makes me wanna go vegetarian.

These guys have branches, one in Bangsar, another in Hartamas and Subang Jaya but my personal favorite is the one in PJ. I do not know about the rest but this particular branch has been around for more than 2 decades and let me tell you guys this – while the whole place is clean and well maintained, I think the restaurant is the same as it was 20 years ago, lol. The same on the outside and the same on the inside. Which is the reason why I fancy this particular branch, (besides their good food) I like the feel I get when I am sitting in this eatery – nostalgic. Literally every single time I head here with my friends, I cannot recall a time neither of us said something along these lines ” man, this place has not changed at all, it is as it was 20 years ago”.


It is old but sure is gold. Very well maintained for an eatery that is over 2 decades old, ey?

Anyways, if you guys are reading this post and thinking – ” nah, I’m a hardcore meat eater” and “no vegetarian for me” – well, trust me, I feel you because I too loveeee my chicken and etc, still do and perhaps always will but if there is one day you do not mind trying something  non-meaty, do give this a go because the food here resembles the taste and flavoring of a meat, that it is easy to forget the fact that that dish you’re eating is vegetarian.


Crunchy Golden Mushroom Roll (SM), 25 ringgit + Sizzling Sambal Vegetarian Fish (S), 15 ringgit + EggPlant with Basil Leaves (S), 15 ringgit + Brown Rice, 2.50 ringgit



Crunchy Mushroom Roll


Sizzling Sambal Vegetarian Fish


Eggplant with Basil Leaves


Oooo man, the Crunchy Mushroom Roll is da bomb. This is one dish I have been ordering every single time I pay this restaurant a visit. One the inside, there is those Enoki mushrooms, long, small and a lil slimy and on the outside, you’d get crunch and crisp. It feels and taste as though you’re eating one of those prawn dishes? They also sprinkle a lil bit of their homemade chili sauce which has a somewhat spicy and sweet flavor that works perfectly with all the other items on the plate. Mouth wateringly delicious.


The Sizzling Sambal Vegetarian Fish was another delicious dish. If you are a fan of those Asam Pedas fish dishes, like I do, then you’d like this tooo – minus the fish, of course, lol. Here, they use soy as a substitute for fish, it taste the same except the soy is a lot less fishy and more chewy. The sambal was yummy, as I said earlier- it tasted like your typical assam pedas gravy and  it made a good gravy to eat with the brown rice.


I am a fan of eggplant/brinjal, so naturally I’d order the Eggplant with Basil. It was good, tasted as it should, like the usual you’d get at most Chinese restaurants.



Would I head here again?

I have been returning here for a few years and will continue doing so for years to come 🙂



*** Note :


While their Facebook page suggest that they are open from 10.30 am – 9.30 pm, do note that their kitchen closes after lunch and reopens at 6 pm

I arrived about 30 minutes early, about 5.30 pm and I did not want to sit in the restaurant  doing nothing but waiting for the kitchen to open. I had 30 minutes to spare and so I crossed the road and headed to their cafe – Nature’s Recipe Cafe.  It is owned by the same folks and both are vegetarian, the difference is in the food they offer. While the restaurant offers more ‘main meal’ variety, the cafe offers dim sums, fried rice, poriddge, curry mee, burgers and desserts.


Here’s the Menu, in case you guys are interested.





Address: No. 9, Jalan 8/1E (Jalan Barat), Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday, 10.30 am – 9.30 pm. ( The kitchen closes after lunch and only opens again at 6 pm)



Signing out now, Ciao.




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