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Kampar Cafe @ Seapark, PJ – One of the best Curry Mee I’ve tasted in a long time.

Okay, so for most of us foodies out there, we usually end up having specific eateries we go to , to have certain dishes? For instance, many places serves you Mee Siam but only one specific eatery serves you your FAVORITE, what you’d consider the best – in your books … yes? 

Well, I use to have an eatery I favor for real good curry mee in PJ Old Town.  I’ve been going there for years. It was one of those ol’ school Chinese kopitiam that houses several mini stalls within it. Sadly though, towards the end of last year, the shop closed, just like that. When you have been going to a certain eatery for years, you kindda assume it is going to remain operating there for years to come, right? That was my line of thoughts as well, so it never really occurred to me to grab the lady manning the curry me stall,  the aunty’s contact num – untill it was too late and she disappeared. I tried looking around in hopes she moves to another eatery nearby but I never saw here again. 

So, here I was, always hoping I could find a replacement, something close to that delicious Curry Mee I used to drool for and I think I finally found it, yawwwww!  Yay!


It is located a few doors down from  The Porki Society @ Sea Park, PJ – Tasty Thai Food . This area resembles a mini food haven, literally every corner we turn, there is bound to be an eatery. Since we had quite a bit of time on our hands, we decided to head to Seapark again and see if we could find anything else that was interesting and there were several eateries that caught our eye but we decided on Kampar Cafe, simply because their menu was right there at the entrance, lol. Our eyes just zoomed in to the mouth watering images of that curry mee and we were sold. 

The eatery had some minimalist design going on, simple yet functional. It was clean, bright and kopitiam-ish. Service was good and food arrived quickly despite there being loads of people. Kampar Cafe is known for their Curry Mee and home made balls – fish ball, pork ball, beef ball..




Kampar Curry Mee (S3), 10.50 ringgit


Man, this was da bomb! As soon as you slurp the first spoon, just the gravy along was enough to reel you in. I kid you not, we literally slurped everything and left the bowl empty at the end of it all – that was how yummy it tasted. In this bowl, you would taste everything they are known for – their curry me and their home made balls. A bowl filled with delicious, thick flavorful gravy, soft chewy mee hoon, generous portions of loh bak and 2 big fish balls. I can see now why their home made balls are popular, it was tasty and chewy, you’d taste meat from your first bite all the way through to your last bite. Very little to no flour used. I was very impressed.

Certainly worth a try, guys.


Would I head here again?

I most certainly will. Perhaps I will give their “Signature Mixed Ball”  a try the next time I pay them a visit. This particular dish will enable me to try their selection of balls, fish, pork, beef. Looking forward to it.



Address: No. 44, Jalan 21/19, Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 10.30 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.



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