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Touche Pastries & More @ Section 17 – Why you changed? I don’t like you anymore :(

Touche…. Touche …. what happened to you?

You were my favorite. My number 1 to go to in Section 17. I loved everything about you – your exterior, your interior, you pastries, your food but now …. it seems like it all just went down the drain. What did you do to yourself?



Anyways, lets start with your INTERIOR…





As soon as I enter Touche – oooo the aroma of food , you’d start salivating even before you have taken a seat. Once I have seated, I usually loveee looking into their baking/dessert kitchen? They had an invisible panel all around it which allows us, the customers to look at those pastry chefs making everything from scratch. Oh, how much joy I had just watching them. 

Sometimes, the cafe is less occupied and  at other times, it gets crowded. Due to the relatively small space of the cafe, when it does get crowded, it kindda feels maxed out. Everyone is huddled together, with little space to move here and there but hey, that is part of its charm. Similar to Kenny Hills Bakery, since it’s located on a small lot, it is often crowded but people still que up in lines to get seated because that is part of its charm, right? Exactly. Both this eateries also offers good, delicious food which kindda doubles, triples the charm factor.





You guys are most probably thinking – ” It’s not too bad” but it is! It is bad ! This image cant even show you what I am feeling. So Touche, you made the place bigger huh? Extended the back – open seating at the front and a more private option towards the back of the cafe. Okla, you want to space it out and not make it too crowded. Fine but why you have to close up that baking section? Why you do that? Don’t you know that it was part of your charm? 

At this point, I was like ‘its okay, so they made the whole place bigger and they sacrificed the see-through baking kitchen in the process …. okla, at least I will still have my good food, so no biggie”

I felt that way for about 5 second, till I saw their Menu.








  • Sorry for the blurness of the image above, they had that piece of paper wrapped in some plastic.


Yup, just ONE page and get this – none of the items I loved from before, none of it are on the list. NO SANDWICHES ? No TUNA AOLI Sandwich? No ROSEMARY CHICKEN Sandwich? No PESTO PASTA? No PHAT THAI CHICKEN SALAD?  Nothing from before?


What is this ,Touche? You tell me now, what is this, Touche???? 


Okla, I was almost losing it but the many times I have visited Touche over the past 3 years – their food was consistently good. Never once have I walked out of this cafe feeling dissatisfied. So, I decided to order a dish and give it a go. This was a make or break literally. 


Chicken Little, 21.90 ringgit


I did not like the dish, which means – I fully lost it. Touche, you just lost yourself a fan. 

So, their description for this dish was – “Baked sesame honey chicken served with mixed greens, walnut, drizzled with balsamic glaze and chili thai sauce in a bed of pumpkin puree.”

In regards to the sesame – I did not anticipate the chicken pieces being HEAVILY coated with it. The taste was kindda overwhelming, Yuck.  In regards to the mixed green? Look at the picture above and see if you recognize mixed greens or just ONE type of green? Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me – I am damn sure there was only 1 type of green in my bowl. I asked my friends opinion and he too shared the same opinion. Do update your Menu Touche – so you do not fool anyone else into thinking they are ordering a wholesome bowl with “MIXED” greens. 

and where are my walnuts???? where the hell is it? You charge me 21.90 ringgit for a bowl with 1 type of green + no walnuts + a few pieces of chicken that was overwhelmingly coated with sesame, literally no point in stating the “honey” in the baked sesame honey chicken cause the sesame was overwhelming that I could not taste anything else. What do you think you are doing?


You lie to me?  Man, I was soooo disappointed and pissed off  that I told myself I aint returning for a year. Bye Byee Touche, you lost a fan.


Would I head here again?

No. Bye. At least not till I have overcome my disappointment


Address: No. 7, Jalan SS 17/56, Section 17, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday. 8 am – 9.30 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.










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