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Red Leaf Restaurant @ Jalan Loke Yew – Delicious Curry Laksa & Wan Tan Mee

Since we had to drop by W Mart today to get a couple of things, we figured today would be a good day to drop by Red Leaf, which is located just 10 minutes away. Over the years, I’ve heard plenty of raves on the Penang Prawn Mee served here, they even made the papars.

Guess what though, when I finally got around to giving it a try, they decided to take the day off, lol. They are usually closed on Mondays and back in business from Tuesdays to Sundays but apparently, they had something on yesterday and decided to take an additional day off today, a Tuesday. What are the odds ey? That they decided to take an additional day off just when we decided to pay a visit? Lol. Just our luck, I guess. We’ll definitely be back, so we will hopefully be able to give it a go the next time.


There may be a slight confusion in regards to the restaurant name. While the name is Red Leaf, what you would see as you past the restaurant is Shoong City. Both these names are the same restaurant. The restaurant was initially Shoong City and then got renamed to Red Leaf but I guess they never got around to replacing the signage.

If you are using Waze, just type in Red Leaf and it will guide you there.

Since the Penang Prawn Mee option was not available today, we got to choose between – Char Kuew Teow, Chicken Rice, Vegetarian Mix Rice, Curry Laksa and Wan Tan MeeΒ 


Wan Tan Mee (Medium), 6.50 ringgit


For 6.50 ringgit, you would get a plate of yummy wan tan mee + a soupy broth with 3 dumpling. It certainly did tantalized my tastebuds and my pocket, lol. I liked the char siew that accompanied the noodle. It is not the usually thinly sliced meat, instead you would get pretty thick BBQ flavored slices that was chewy and provided a complimenting flavor to the overall noodle. Mix it all up – delicious!


Curry Laksa, 6.50 ringgit


I ordered this dish from the “Curry Laksa” stall but it kindda tasted like curry mee to me, lol. I dont know, maybe its just me. Not that I cared much though, I was too hungry to give a damn and this bowl of yummy goodies was just what I need to curb my hunger. There was plenty of ‘kerang’, generous portions of tender, juicy chicken meat, bean sprouts, spicy curry + Mee hoon and kuew teow mix. Delicious.


WOuld I head here again?

Ooo yes, most definitely. The food here was awesome. After all, I do need to get my hands on the much talked about Prawn Mee. So yea, I am definitely returning.



Address: Red Leaf Restaurant, No. 61 & 63, Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday, 7 am till 2.30 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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