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Chicken Rice Guys @ Shah Alam (Halal) – Not bad at all

This would be a short post, my phone battery went dead halfway through my visit and as you would notice – I took limited pictures as a result  🙂 Sorryyyy.

So.. here we go.

As the name suggest, yes they serve chicken rice but the difference here is – it is completely halal! Yessss, as it is stated on their website, ‘Authentic Halal Chinese Style Street Food’. This restaurant is a combined effort of two cousins who themselves hail from a Muslim family with  a mix of Chinese blood. Since there is a scarcity when it came to halal chicken rice, they decided to open one themselves.

This kopitiam is strategically located in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, barely 5 minutes away from the UNISEL campus. So naturally, you would find plenty of UNISEL students here – not only because food is nice, it is also priced affordably.




CR02 -Roasted Chicken Rice Double Set, 9 ringgit + V02 – Taugeh, 3 ringgit


The chicken rice was pretty good. I ordered the ‘Double Set’, which meant that you would get double the serving of chicken. I liked that very much because in most cases, I usually end up finishing the chicken long before I’ve finished the rice. So, it is a good thing that these guys thought about this predicament and decided to include the ‘Double Set’ into their Menu. The chicken is juicy and tender. It is a good attempt at a Halal chicken rice. My only complain would be that to include the skin of the chicken? As you can see from the image above, there is a whole lot of chicken n very little chicken skin? I for one like eating the chicken with the skin because the skin itself has its own flavor and at times, it does provide a lil bit of crisp to the tender meat. So yea, other than that, this pretty good.


F08 – Fried Kuey Teow + Egg, 6.50 ringgit


This dish was tasty. It is your typical fried kuey teow with a fried egg. 



Would I head here again?

While the food was pretty good – it is highly unlikely that I will return. I have been eating chicken rice fore years and by now, I am bound to have a favorite or several … and since I can indulge in the non – halal version as well, there is one restaurant in Shah Alam that is my favorite for chicken rice and that is Meng Kee Char Siew and as for the other items, there are many other restaurants in this part of town for me to try. One that does not entail me to travel all the way to Shah Alam for it.  🙂 So, yup – I most probably wont return here. However, for you Halal only folks, it sure is worth a try.


Address: No. 40, Jalan Zirkon 7F/F, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

Opening hours: Everyday. 8am – 7 pm



Signing out now, CIao.



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