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Our Picks: Favourite Cafes in Petaling Jaya (PJ)

** Touche Pastries & More used to occupy our top spot for years. However, after our recent visit, it is fair to say that it is no longer the case.

To know more on the ‘why’, do read our blog post : Touche Pastries & More @ Section 17 – Why you changed? I don’t like you anymore 🙁


** The numbering does not signify how much more we like one cafe from another. For instance, No. 1 does not mean it is a whole lot better than No. 4. There are many, many cafes in PJ and this is a list of  our favorites.


1) Crema Crema @ PJ New Town




I usually head here after work. It is pretty quiet in the evening, at least whenever I pay a visit and that is how I like it. You spend the whole day running around, meeting clients, attending meetings and discussions – you would appreciate some quite at the end of the day, which is why I like Crema Crema. They offer me good food and the much needed silence to concentrate on my laptop work, their wifi is pretty fast too. So far, I’ve tasted their waffle burger, black pepper chicken, pasta and their chicken wrap. All off it was delicious. I am especially a fan of their wraps. 

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2) Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly @ Millennium Square



I’ve mentioned previously that I somehow always end up here when it is raining. Considering how much it rains these days, my visits are pretty often, lol. The place is cozy and welcoming. With some old school music playing on their radio + good food , it just makes it the perfect spot to wind down. Their Butter Chicken rice is da bomb! soooo yummy and if I just want something light to munch on while I work on my laptop, I almost always give their Chicken Fingers a try. I’ll certainly continue paying this cafe a visit. They’ve never disappoint.

Blog post: Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly @ Millennium Square, PJ – My go-to cafe on a rainy day


3) Tujoh @ Section 17




Tujoh is vibrant, neighborhood cafe and conveniently located in Section 17. So yea, I drop by whenever I can. Usually for lunch and tea. The food is good – especially their soft shell crab fried rice and pastas. It is an excellent place to spend some alone time and/or have my regular ‘friends’ gathering and catch up.  

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4) Sis & Co @ Kampung Kayu Ara



So, if i happen to be in Damansara, around Damansara Jaya/Utama, I sometimes opt to visit Sis & Co. I especially love visiting after it gets dark, for dinner. It is big and spacious but for me, the whole experience becomes more appealing at night. With the cosy lighting, soft R&B mosic playing in the background, lively atmosphere from all the chatter and laughter, it sure makes for a fun place to ‘lepak’. Food is of course yummy, plenty of options porky pastas, grilled chicken and etc.

Blog Post: Sis & Co @ Kampung Kayu Ara – A good cafe to end a stressful day.


5) Bean Brothers @ Sunway Damansara



Oooo Bean Brothers is another favourite of ours. Unfortunately, we do not visit it as much as we would like to because of the distance. It is located all the way in Sunway Damansara, which means that we usually only visit if we have things to do within that area. It is located in a quiet business park, the ones with several factories and car service shops and etc. Bean Brothers occupy a corner lot, which means they have a large space to work with. Love their interior – rustic and charming.   It is a happy place to be at. Their food is good however, it sucks that their Menu changes ever so regularly, which means if I ate something I really like about 2 weeks back and I return today badly in need of that very same mouth watering dish – only to find out that the item is not on the list. That kindda sucks but other than that – its all good yaw.

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6) Milligram @ Taman Mayang Jaya



Taman Mayang Jaya Is not an area we usually venture into. So, naturally we do not visit Milligram as much as we would like to but whenever we do though – we make sure we drop by. The food sure is good. I am totally in love with their Nestum Bacon French Toast. Who would have thought about a bacon and french toast combo, ey? Certainly not me but man, my mouth still does water whenever I think of it. Their pasta variety is also the bomb, I have a soft spot for their Pesto Pasta. Yummmm! They are usually busy for lunch, with large group – office folks frequenting and having their lunch, but there are times when the cafe is quiet. with just a couple of customers occupying cozy corners but whatever it is though – their customer service never suffers, yay! 

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