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Yan Yang A One Restaurant @ Old Klang Road – A favorite for a wholesome late night munch

One reason why I loveeeee coming here is because it is open 24/7. All day, everyday. No joke. It makes a great place for those late nigh/ mid night munch. Good, simple, delicious  Cantonese food located about 10 minutes away from home?? Yay! Yesssss. Another reason is of course because they offer a variety of  yummy dishes at a reasonable price. If I am on a budget, ‘pokai’ for the week – I would head here to eat, lol. I pay 10 ringgit for a (Small) plate of yummy fried rice – which comes in quite a big portion – I can literally separate it into 2 portions, pack it and it will cover 2 meals for me 🙂

This restaurant has been around for more than 2 decades. Yup, it is one of those ol’ school Chinese restaurants. Funny thing is, people know it by several different names lol – Yen Yen A One Dim Sum, Yang Yang A One, Yan Yan and ….


During our last visit here, somewhere last week, it is Yan Yang Restaurant. However, in a small print on the bottom of the large board – it says Yan Yan A One Dim Sum. So, you guys choose which one you guys like, lol.


While most of my trips here are usually around late nights, a bunch of us also enjoy having one of those late lunches here. During those times, the restaurant is usually quiet but nevertheless with some company here and there. You would find the owner sitting at the table closest to the cashier counter yapping away with his friends and family, about 8,9 of them, just yapping away about random stuff. Their topic of interest this time was of course – the election and Mahathir 🙂 It sure was entertaining listening in to their conversations.



(N96) Fried Keow Teow- small, 12 ringgit + Belacan Fried Rice ‘Indon’ Style – small, 10 ringgit


It usually starts with a plate of peanuts. They take your order and present you with a plate of these to munch on while waiting.


The ‘Indon’ Fried Rice is a favorite of mine. Its delicious. With pieces of crispy, chewy pork meat scattered everywhere + chicken ,it makes for an awesome dish if you you fancy a simple, Chinese style fried rice :).  

The Keow Teow was a lil wet. Slightly more wetter than what I usually like but it is no less yummy. You would get a generous portion of the noodles + fish cakes + chicken + prawns.  

I heard that the Dim Sum served here are delicious. Really good. Yet to try it though – perhaps I will during my next visit here.


Would I head here again?

Most definitely 🙂


Address: No. 223 & 235, 4th Mile, Taman Shanghai, Old Klang Road.  (Across the road from the turning into Taman Desa Business Park and Taman Desa Medical Centre)

Opening hours: 24 hours. All day, everyday.


Signing out now, CIao.



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