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Go Street Noodle @ Damansara Uptown – Yummmmm! Burp :)

I always thought that the famous Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee had a branch in Damansara Uptown. I remember eating there once… or was I dreaming? I remember them taking over the shop lot of what used to be Fish Castle and since I was feeling like indulging in some pan meeย  – I headed into Uptown, fully willing to go through the massive traffic and the numerous rounds needed to acquire that one parking spot and yada yada yada … just to get a taste of that pan mee only to find that it is now Go Street Noodle. Bummer ๐Ÿ™ย 

I was a lil disappointed because obviously – there would be no pan mee but upon seeing how packed the current eatery was, I figured it is worth giving a try considering the amount of people flocking this restaurant.ย 


Man, their interior was awesome! Very oriental. I dont know why but it kindda reminded me of Kung Fu Panda, lol. The inside of this eatery could totally be a set for a scene from that cartoon/movie (just my opinion, dont know if others can relate, lol) – with props like bows and arrows and other items used back in the day. Fascinating. I have not been to their other branch in SS 2, which also shares similar characteristics in their decor, so this was a first time experience for me.ย  Customer service was awesome. They were quick to attend whenever attending was required, despite being busy.ย  To order, you guys would need to fill in the order form, readily available at every table. Basically – you guys would need to choose 1) type of noodle – thin wan tan mee or thicker mi xian and 2) specific dishes.



(105) Mi Xian with Dumpling Dumpling, 11.90 ringgit + (705) Fried Beancurd, 6.30 ringgit + (506 B) Spicy Hakka Style Fried Pork, 14.90 ringgit + Yu Tiao, 6.90 ringgit




Spicy Hakka Style Fried Porkย  (Wan Tan Noodle)



Dumpling Dumplingย  (Mi Xian)


Fried Beancurd


Yu Tiao


If you guys look through the Menu, in regards to noodles, there are mainly 2 types – the wet and the dry option. For the ‘wet’ option, you can choose between thin wan tan noodles or thicker mi xian noodles whereas for the ‘dry’ option, it only comes with wan tan noodle.ย  We decided to give both the ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ option a try.

‘Dry’ Option : Spicy Hakka Style Fried Pork. When it first arrived at my table, I was like “it looks kindda little” but after mixing it all up and eating it – do not underestimate its power to fill you up faster than anticipated. The fried pork meat came in generous meaty chunks. As you can most probably see from the images above, the pork is a lil different. Rather than the usual BBQ sauce glazed, thinly sliced pork meat with or without fats, here – you would get fried pork meat.ย  It tasted awesome. Different but awesome. There was also a generous portion ofย  flavorful seaweed? Mix them all up with the noodles and you’d get a wholesome plate of yumminess. Loved this!

‘Wet’ Option : Dumpling Dumpling with Mi Xian. Our initial pick was to also have this with wan tan noodle but apparently they had only one portion of wan tan noodle left and they were gonna use it for the ‘dry’ option. This meant that we had to go with the thicker noodle option. It came in a large bowl with loads of soup and 3 large dumplings. Man, the dumpling were yummy! The outer layer was thin, the filling though, plenty of flavors, lots of meat – I couldnt ask for more. The soup also had plenty of flavor and it wasnt too watery. Upon trying the Mi Xian with the soup, I personally still would have preferred the wan tan noodle. I just think it would have allowed me to enjoy the flavors better? rather than spending quite a bit of time having to slurp and chew the larger noodles. I dont know if that makes sense but yea, its a personal opinion. My friend on the other hand, could care less whether it was a thin or thick noodle, he would have enjoyed it either way.

The Fried Beancurd was thin and crisp, as it should be. I think it came with 6 pieces, per order. I enjoyed it. For dessert – we ordered the Yu Tiao. It was delicious. There were about 7 pieces + kaya. Loved it. Very nice. I never really had it with kaya before neither has it ever occurred to me to give the come a try because eating it on its own has always worked well for me but damn, having it with kaya, it sure was awesome. I didnt know what I was missing all these time, lol. It certainly was a good end to our dinner here.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. All the dishes I’ve tasted so far was yummy. I am looking forward to giving the other dishes a go.


Address: Ground Floor, No. 106, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya ( in between Starbucks and Molten Chocolate Cafe)


Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 10 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.




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