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Rayong Thai @ Taman Desa – Thai food on a budget

Decided to give this Thai restaurant a go today. A friend suggested this one, saying that the Thai food here is good and taste authentic, so here I was. 

This eatery feels more like a kopitiam as oppose to a restaurant? A Thai kopitiam. It has been around since 2013, 2012? and …. it shows. As soon as you enter the eatery, you would notice it. It looked like it has been there for years and has not been updated since then.  So, do not expect anything fancy, it is just a simple Thai kopitiam. 



They offer a variety of Thai dishes – individual dishes, fish, seafood, vegetables and noodles, fried rice, set lunches.


Pineapple Fried Rice, 11.90 ringgit


Well, if you want authentic Thai pineapple fried rice – then you would get it here. The problem with me is that I got sooo used to having the local version of ‘Thai’ pineapple fried rice – the one with loads of flavor and spice that the actual ones tasted bland. Does that make sense? If you guys have tasted pineapple fried rice in Thailand, most of them tasted the way it was served here. Then again, it depends on which part of Thai we are referring to because it seems to me that the closer they get to our border, the closer their dishes resembles ours in terms of flavor. Agreed? 

The fried rice tasted as it should, so I cant fault it. I just preferred my fried rice with more flavor. Anyways, as its name suggest – the fried rice came presented in a pineapple, with plenty of pineapple cubes scattered all over the rice. There was about 4 medium sized prawns, eggs, carrots and etc. It would have done wonders if they had added in bits of chicken all around, just to add it some taste because while the dish came with loads of rice and pineapple – that is about it. The prawns are gone within four mouths in, which means all you have to taste throughout the rest of the dish would be rice and the pineapples. However, this dish only costs me 11.90 ringgit, fr the price it cost me, it sure did come with loads of food and it did taste authentic despite the lack of meat and flavor – so, who am I to complain , right?


Special Set, 18.90 ringgit 


This lunch set, I liked very much. It came with a bowl of rice + a main dish + Pandan Chicken + a drink + dessert. There were several options for main meal – Tom Yum, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Fish Sambal , of which I decided on Tom Yum. Although the set meal was meant for 1 person, I am sure you guys can see that the Tom Yum soup came in a generous portion. It sure was tasty, a good blend of spices and sweetness. There was plenty of meat in it, prawns and squids, lime leaves, lemongrass. It was all in there. I kept slurping and slurping it all. The pandan chicken we basically 2 pieces of chicken meat on a skewer, wrapped in pandan leaf.  It was yummy and the dessert was basically 2 pieces of coconut pudding. It had bits of shredded coconut and corn in it. Sweet, simple and light – a good end to my lunch here. 


Would I head here again?

Most probably not. I rarely am in this particular part of Taman Desa. Food was pretty good though. 


Address: No. 19 G, Plaza Danau Desa 2, Taman Danau Desa

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 11 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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