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Shobana’s Kerala Kitchen @ Bukit Gasing- Authentic Malayalee cuisine.

Similar to the Chinese folks, who are unitedly known as Chinese but individually belonging to different clans, the Indians share that characteristic too. They may be unitedly known as Indians but individually, they belong to clans : Tamilians, Telegus, Malayalees and etc. The Malayalees in particular originated from the state of Kerala in South of India. Their food is similar to the usual indian food we have here but a lil different.

** If we inserted any wrong information above or below – do forgive us. We are not familiar with this cuisine, so yea, we are learning as we go too**

While there are several eateries that offer Malayalee cuisine locally, they are in small numbers compared to their Tamillian counterparts. So, we were really excited to give Shobana’s Kerala Kitchen a try. Having taken over May and Mike’s – also a Malayalee restaurant previously operating here, word around the street is that they serve delicious food here. So, here we are!


Shobana’s Kerala Kitchen is located in Bukit Gasing, within the row of shops behind Acha’s Curry House –Β Acha Curry House @ Bukit Gasing – Yummy Β  and right next to Cafe 5.




Indian Rice Set, 7.50 ringgit + Fish Sothi, 7.50 ringgit + Shark Fish Puttu, 7.50 ringgit + Chicken Parathal, 7.50 ringgit

Indian Rice Set
Chicken Parathal and Shark Puttu
Fish Sothi


Food was good yaww πŸ™‚

The Indian Rice Set was made up of rice + curry of your choice + 3 vegetables + acar + fried coconut? + papadums. The orange bits of fried coconut was new to me. I do not think I’ve had it before but I sure did like it though, it complimented the rice well. Liked it very much that I had to request for a refill, lol. The vegetables very awesome, I especially liked the couliflower – got a refill of that too.

The fish sothi was a new experience too. I’ve had sothi but i cant say I’ve come across a fish sothi. I guess its a similar concept to a fish in a fish curry but still, a first for me. The sothi was delicious – creamy and milky. It certainly added flavors to what would have been just a simple fried fish but I experienced a burst of flavors – wet, dry, crunchy, milky and etc.Β  The chicken parathal was yummy too. I do not if it was me but the chicken had a pinch of sweetness to it. So, imagine those meaty pieces of chicken with plenty of spice and heat with a lil bit of sweetness? Niceeeeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚Β 


Would I head here again?

Yesss ! I think I like them Malayalee food, its similar but different and I certainly will be back for more.


Address: 357 C, Jalan 5/57, Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays, 8 am – 4 pm.Β Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, CIao.



    1. Hey there. Nope, they are not closed,still operating as usual. I was just there few days ago 😊.

    2. My friend doubled checked. The signage outside is still the same as it was before. No changes. Perhaps you were on the wrong street?? Hope this helped. Have a good day.

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