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Makan-la Restaurant @ Brickfields – Good ‘hawker style’ food :)


As you can see – the eatery in the image, the one with the GREY exterior (above the black car), it has no name (during the time of our visit).Β  Since it is located directly opposite YMCA, you guys can park in YMCA itself and crossover the road to head to the restaurant. Barely 5 minutes away.Β 

What piqued our interest was firstly, whenever we passed by the eatery – it was always full for lunch. Secondly – remember this ‘kuih’ aunty …


Yea, this ‘kuih’ aunty has been around for more than a decade and whenever I am in the area, I like dropping by and getting myself some cakoi and orange angku kuih. Lucky for me, the ‘kuih’ stall is located directly outside the eatery, so, when I dropped by last week to get myself some kuih, I took the opportunity to be a ‘kepochi/busibody’ and scan through the eatery and see what they offer.

It basically is a combination of several stalls, sort of like a well maintained mini food court. It houses about 8-10 stalls?

They offer a variety of food – Nasi Lemak and Mixed Rice, Prawn Mee,Β  Penang Fried Kway Teow, Chicken Rice, Wan Tan Mee, Pork Ball Noodles and etc.


It is no wonder why this eatery is packed during lunch. It is strategically located right in the middle of everything. The folks from KL Sentral, those from around the area and those who use public transports and etc – this eatery is easily accessible to literally everyone.Β Β 

The restaurant is clean, well maintained. Drinks are ordered by the table, as for food – you walk around, if you see anything you fancy, place and order and once food arrive at your table, you pay and enjoy your meal.Β Β 

Wan Tan Noodle (Large), 8 ringgit + Penang Char Kuey Teow (Large), 8 ringgit


Food here is good in a ‘hawker stall’ kindda way. If you are expecting perfection – the kind that is sooo utterly delicious – then do head to a specialty/ gourmet restaurant – get what I’m saying?

It’s frustrating at times – cause it seems like I – as a blog contributor is constantly under fire because some folks just read the heading of the post saying ‘yummy food’ and head to whatever eatery we wrote about and then come back and give us a piece of their mind saying that they think the food is not that good and that we suck. Jeez people! Try reading at least half of our content if not the full thing. Not everything we write about is in reference to a proper restaurant that gives you perfection. Some times, it simply is a stall by the roadside. Cant always expect perfection and our taste buds are not always the same as yours. So, give us a break, will ya! Bet you think our lives are easy. Think again. Day in day out, negative comments. Wanna trade places? Piss off.

Okay, rant over. Food was good. It is simple yet tasty. The Wan Tan Noodle was delicious. You’d get ‘ketchup-py’ noodles with pork meat + soup and 3 dumpling on the side. The Penang Fried Kuey Teow would have gone beyond my expectation if they added in some extra chilli paste in it. I lacked some spice but other than that it was awesome. You’d get yummy noodles with prawns, ‘kerang’, chewy thin pork bits, egg, taugeh and the whole works.Β 

Would I head here again?

I certainly would. The food was yummy, the atmosphere was awesome, place was clean. I look forward to trying the other stalls for my next visit.

Address: Directly opposite YMCA Brickfields.

Opening hours:Β  Lunch time? (Need to get back to you guys on that)

Signing out now, CIao.


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