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Farmers Street Food & Desserts @ Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ – Second visit. Still as good.

I was craving for those yummy desserts at Farmers Street – again. Yes, it has been barely a week since I posted a review on my visit there –ย Farmers Street Food & Desserts @ Jaya Shopping Centre โ€“ Affordable $$$ tasty desserts โ€ฆ slurp slurppp but the tummy wants what it wants, so here I was again.


I like the eatery.ย  It is simple, cozy. Staffs are very friend, helpful and attentive. Also like the fact that they play old school, classic hits like Que Sera Sera, Listen to the Rhythm of the Pouring Rain, All I have to do is Dream and etc.ย  Since it is always raining these days, the music kindda sets the feel – perfect for the gloomy weather.ย 

So, I know I said I headed here for desserts again, however, upon seeing the main meal Menu, I decided to forego their dessert and give them hearty meals a try instead. Remember how I mentioned previously how affordable the desserts here are? Yea, well the same also applies to their main meals. You literally will be able to cover both a hearty main meal + filling yummy dessert within RM 20.



(M6) Butter Curry Chicken with Rice, 15 Ringgit


Okay, so I’ve tasted Butter Chicken before but never Butter Curry Chicken. The ‘curry’ bit piqued my interest. Would it work? butter and curry? It sure did.

I dont know how they did it but the butter and curry mix complimented each other well. As soon as the dish arrived, the first thing that would hit you is the smell – the sweet buttery aroma and this would certainly get your mouth all watered up and ready for what you are about to taste. The first thing I decided to taste is the gravy. Man, it was good. First, the creamy, sweetish butter sauce hits you and the the subtle curryย  Having the flavorsome gravy with crispy,tender chicken thigh. Ooooo yum. I would totally order this dish again… and again… and again.


Nasi Lemak Ayam Inche Kabin, 14 ringgit


Oooo, those spiced crunchy bits on that chicken – yumm! The chicken on its own is yummy. Lightly fried, it had the right amount of spice with pieces of crunch around the corners and when you add in those additional spice bits on the top – very nice indeed.ย The Sambal – I do not think I’ve had cold sambal before. usually, just like the rest of the items on the plate, the sambal comes along hot as well but here it was pretty cold. However, it worked. I guess with the warmth coming from the rice and the chicken, the coolness of the sambal somehow works. The Nasi Lemak overall was tasty. Another dish I would not mind reordering.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. Dessert and food is good. Customer service awesome. Good ambiance. I would definitely be back.


Address: Level 3, Jaya Shopping Centre, Seksyen 14, Petaling jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am โ€“ 10 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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