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Eat x Dignity @ Sentul – Sentul’s hidden gem (Pork Free)

My friends kept bugging me to pay this eatery a visit, for close to a year now. They said food wasย  really goooood, pretty cheap and on top of that they kept insisting that if I intended to eat like a pig here and splurge, forget about the calories because it totally is worth it, all for a good cause.ย  This eatery is a part of the NGO’sย  ย (Dignity for Children Foundation) endeavour to educate, instill and equipped their kids with valuable skills and knowledge, to make something of themselves once they are out there on their own.ย 

I finally made my way here and I sure am glad I did. The eatery looks awesome. Having been around since 2015, it certainly is well maintained. It exuded a vibrant and cheerful vibe, totally the kind of place I can see myself having a sip of coffee and relaxing, simply enjoying the day




Butter Cake, 5 ringgit + Brownie, 3 ringgit


Notice the price? Cheap huh. Those desserts come in a generous portion and boy, were they delicious. I was totally in loveeee with their butter cake. The regular ones you would find around town, thick and compact – the kind that fills you up even before you move on to your second slice? yea, i was getting kindda tired of those. Those fluffy, light and decadent butter cakes are hard to come by these days and I am soooo glad I found them here. That’s right folks, light and fluffy. Soooooo yummy! Now I know where to go to, before a family event, to get me some of those yummy butter cakes. Coming from a family of butter cake lovers, this would totally get me out of any mess, lol. Yay!

The brownie was not as sweet as it looked, which I liked very much. They also added more dark chocolate to it and this was awesome because not only did they use just the right amount of sugar, they also added just the right amount of dark chocolate – which gave these brownies a perfect equilibrium of sweetness and bitterness.ย 


I was totally in love with their desserts….. but was I also in love with their main dishes? Was I?

Yessss, I totally was.


Nyonya Laksa, 10. 90 ringgit + Nasi Lemak:The Malaysian, 16 ringgit



Ooooo the Nyonya Laksa – this would probably be right up there in the list of ‘best laksa’ for me. Seriously. The gravy was thick and totally fattening due to the coconut milk but sooo worth it. The dish came with 2 options for the noodles – vermicelli or the usual mee hoon, I opted for the latter. There was slices of chicken, half boiled egg, bean sprouts. The dish was generous, in terms of portion size. I could not finish it but you can bet I ate to my hearts content. I would totally give this a go again.



This was another delicious dish. The Nasi lemak came in 3 options : Korean, Signature and Malaysian, the latter was recommended, so I opted for that.ย  I was also feeling a lil indulgent. Rather than just go with one piece of chicken for 14 ringgit, I decided to go for 2 pieces of chicken, which only cost an additional 2 bucks, 16 ringgit. The chicken was awesome. crunchy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The sambal was different yet delicious, I had to request for a refill because I emptied it. Burp! The whole dish was da bomb. Loved it. Another dish I would totally order again.


Would I head here again?

I most definitely will.


Address: 25 G, Jalan 11/48A, Sentul Boulevard

Opening hours: Everyday. 10.30 am – 9 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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