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3A Yong Tau Foo & Cheong Fun @ Seksyen 19, PJ – Yum yuuumm (Halal)

So, every time we want some yong tau foo that is located nearby – we head to 3A. There are those days at work where you cant take the usual lunch breaks because work needs immediate attention. Yea, during those days, we just head here.Β 

Where are they located? Know where Lisa De Inn Hotel is? 3A is located within the row of shops opposite this hotel, right next to Menara Amfirst. It is also located a short distance away from several other notable eateries like Zao ~ Breakfast Anytime, Omulab, Strangers at 47…


The eatery is clean, comfortable and well air conditioned, customer service is efficient, food arrives fast and is tasty, we usually leave 3A happy and satisfied, so its no surprise we just keep coming here whenever we feel like some yong tau foo.


Yong Tau Foo (8 items), 12.80 ringgit + Chee Cheong Fun, 4.50 ringgit + Fried Bee Hoon, 7.50 ringgit


Triangle Tofu, Foo Zook, Brinjal
Sui Kao (dry)
Cheong Fun (Sauce)
Fried Bee Hoon

We ordered 4 different kinds of yong tau foo – 2 each at 1.60 ringgit each. It was yummy πŸ™‚ but make sure you guys know how much your stomach is capable of eating at that given time because the size of each item was pretty large. The Cheong Fun came in a generous portion too. For 4.50 ringgit, once everything is mixed up, it resembled the amount you would get if you ordered a Large plate elsewhere. It sure is cheap. I can literally spend under 10 ringgit here and be full, just order myself a plate of cheong fun + 3 yong tau foo items and I am sure it can last me till dinner.Β  Love their Cheong Fun, the sauce is thick and sweetish, with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and fried bits of onions – it simply was delicious. The Fried Bee Hoon was yummy too with plenty of fishcakes, chicken meat, beansprouts. They had several options for noodles, I requested for the usual Chinese style, which was what they gave me. Lovely.


Would I head here again?

Yessss πŸ™‚ Just like every other time I’ve visited – I ate like a pig and went back to work happy.


Address: No. 12, Jalan Seksyen 19/3, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm.Β Mondays Closed


Signing out now, Ciao





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