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Souffle Dessert Cafe @ Puchong – Souffle Pancakes da bomb!

I’ve noticed the souffle pancake trend garnering plenty of attention of late and figured why not jump on that bandwagon, right?  No harm in giving it a try and from what I’ve read – it is highly likely that I would not be disappointed. So, the question of the hour was – where? Where do I go to try them? Well, what better place to try it if not at a cafe named after it. They had to be good at it, right? 

and was it good? Yessssss. Deliciously so.

Before I get into that though, how to get here?  Let’s just say this cafe is a lil under the radar, despite having been around for 1 year, pictures aren’t as many,  although they have been covered by several blogs. For some reason, I could not find them on Waze. No problem though, just look for ‘Jalan Kenari 19A, Puchong or Kompleks Kenari Puchong Jaya.’ Once you are on the Jalan Kenari 19A, do look around for the large ‘Kumon” signage ( cafe is located opposite it) and/or Let’s Joy Cafe  ( Souffle is located above this cafe.)


I liked the interior of the cafe, it has a ‘soothing’ effect. Does that make sense? Probably not but yea, every individual to his/her own. It was well spaced out, seatings were comfortable. The music they had on only added to the whole charm, slow cover songs like Chris Isaac’s Wicked Games and so on. I ended up being there from 5 ish to 8 ish pm, literally 2 hours longer than I intended to spend. This cafe was like a temporary buffer between me and whatever issues, problems I’ve had at work previously. It was good food, good company, good feel – an awesome way to end the day.



Ice Ball Coffee, 14 ringgit


This was a fascinating experience for me. I usually only come across these ‘balls’ whenever I order hot chocolate. You’d have to pour the warm milk over the chocolate ball and 5 minutes in, with some stirring, you would get a yummy cup of how chocolate. The same concept applies here, except you would get hot coffee instead of chocolate. I like my coffee thick and milky which was exactly what I got here. I liked it very much.


Caramel Banana Soufle Pancake, 18 ringgit


Oooo now I get it. Now I get why this pancake is garnering attention. These souffle pancakes are different from your regular ones. Just by looking at it, you would notice the different in sizes. The usual pancakes are thinner and bigger in diameter, the souffle pancakes are more puffed up. It had a light and airy feel to it, which means while 1 slice of the regular pancake may fill you up, one slice of these souffle pancake would just leave you wanting more because it is not nearly enough. To me, they were similar to a sponge cake except with a lot more moisture. A softer, gooey-er version of a sponge cake. It really is nice. The dish came with 3 souffle pancakes + caramelized bananas + whip cream + Thick caramel sauce. It was finger lickin’ good. Certainly worth a try, guys. 

** Do take note the waiting time.  Make sure to be able to wait 20-30 mins when you place an order for the souffle pancakes. You would be able to see the ‘wait for 20-30 mins’ note on their Menu as well. Me too ended up waiting for 25 mins but it sure is worth the wait. 


Would I head here again?

Of Course. It was finger lickin’ good. I am certainly heading back here for more.


Address: CS – 1F – 7, 1st Floor, Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari 19A, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong

Opening hours: Wednesdays to Mondays, 3 pm – 12 am. Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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