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Sisters Place Kopitiam @ Ara Damansara – Char Kuay Teow yumm! (Halal)

We were in Ara Damansara for work and as lunch hour approached, our colleague suggested this eatery. She said the food here was pretty good and affordable and that if we were okay with a kopitiam, then we should have our lunch here. Why not, right? and so Sisters Place was where we headed. 

This kopitiam is located in Pacific Place. I have not heard of this ‘Pacific Place’ before and was curious to find out about it. It did sound kindda fancy but long story short, it basically is the area surrounding Evolve Concept Mall. All around the mall, there were shop lots, apartments, office blocks – that area is referred to as Pacific Place. Now, I know.

Anyways, I decided to go online, communicated with my best friend – Google, checked out some reviews on this Kopitiam and let me tell you, as soon as I saw fried kuey teow and the name Sisters Place … hmmm, isnt that the name of the famous kuew teow shop in Penang? which upon more digging, I realized this and that has no connection, yes – both serves Penang food both but that is as far as it goes. No matter though, it got me salivating for some kuew teow, so here goes.


It is your typical modern kopitiam. Plenty of space, airy, clean, comfortable. Orders are taken by the table – there is a paper sheet you fill with whatever item number of the food/drinks you are interested in ordering. Food arrived pretty fast, which was awesome considering the eatery was almost full house at the point of my visit. 



Sisters Special Char Kuay Teow, 13.90 ringgit


This was goooood. I must say, this actually is the first kuay teow I’ve had that has squids in it. It worked though. The flavors were awesome. There were noodles + eggs + squids + sprouts + 3 chunky prawns + ‘kerang’. It was cooked just how I liked it. Would totally reorder this dish again.


Penang Curry Mee, 8.50 ringgit


This was okay, not bad. My friends were slurping away, enjoying themselves but I did not share the same enthusiasm . I like my curry mee broth thicker. This was a little on the watery side. If you guys are not fussy about your broth, then you’d enjoy this dish. The noodles came in a generous portion, with plenty of tauhu, ‘kerang’, prawns and sprouts. 


Would I head here again?

Yea, why not. If I am in the area, I might drop by and reorder the kuay teow, try other items on their Menu.


Address: Unit D 01-02, Block D, Pacific Place, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 9 am – 10 pm. Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.






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