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Hutong Food Court @ Lot 10 – A nice change from the usual

The last time we’ve been here was about 4,5 years ago. A looooooong time and I must say in that duration, plenty of changes have taken place.

So, we parked our car as usual, took the escalator one floor down (4th Floor) and that lead us to a  fancy mini Japanese food court? The way the eateries were arranged, the decor and etc – it was well done. There was fresh salmon, rice, gelato, sushi, wine – all Japanese related. If you love Japanese cuisine, do pay the 4th floor a visit. As soon as I saw Sushi, I was curious and stopped for a bit to check it out. Well, if you guys a looking for the fresh, brought/flown in from Japan salmon that cost you 200 ringgit – they have it here. Then, for the rest of us, who cant afford to pay that much for 1 small piece of salmon, right next door, is our kindda sushi place and from the looks of it, I think food on this side is yummy too considering the amount of people eating here – eatery was almost packed, fullhouse. I shall pay this section a visit during my next visit here and pay that sushi eatery a try.

For now though, off to Hutong I went – Lower Ground Floor. Depending on which side/point of entry you take, you may or may not have to go through the Isetan food section. For instance, if you take the escalator into Hutong, that would lead you straight into the food court. I however, took the lift down, which meant I had to walk through Isetan food court to head to Hutong. There were plenty of Japanese having their lunch here and from what I know about them Japanese – they are fussy about their food. So, based on the number of them here – I guess it is fair to say that the food here is awesome as well. Another eatery to add into my ‘to-try’ list for our next visit.

Anyways, we decided to walk around and have a look, scout the area, see what is available and bla bla bla. It turns out, it wasnt all just about serving food. They were also selling instant noodles, wine, tin drinks and etc. Everything Japanese and some Korean + Taiwanese.


Yea … so if you guys love your Japanese food, keep this Isetan foodie section on your mind. 

Okay, now off we went into Hutong …


One reason why I like Hutong is because it is like a mini maze. You turn left, there is one thing and you turn right, a different thing.. you go straight, the is a diversion, you follow through, you would arrive at a cross road. get what I mean? The inner kid in me gets giddy with excitement not knowing what is around the corner. 

Anyways, first thing we did was look out for the popiah stall. Last I ate it – it was finger licking good. Certainly worth a reorder. We literally rounded the whole food court looking for it but found nothing. Where is it? Asked around and found out that they are gone, not operating here anymore. Bummer 🙁

Moving on….

The Hokkien Mee here is pretty yummy – same branch as the one we covered in Petaling Street – Kim Lian Kee @ Petaling Street – Hokkien Mee 🙂  We were craving for some noodles anyway, so we decided to give it a go.


The cooks here were pretty awesome, they are like the ‘Hokkien Mee Production Machine’ lol. They cook the noodle in the pan, plate it and start all over again, on repeat. There usually is a pretty long line at the ordering section and today was no different. However, food arrived pretty fast, the wait was worth it. The Signature Hokkien Mee, 14.20 ringgit was delicious. It was packed with pork meat and lard. Literally filled with it and real greasy – the criterias to a good hokkien mee, lol. Yum Yum!


Chili Pan Mee, 10.40 ringgitI loveeeeee the Chili Pan Mee in SS 2, the wet, gooey, spicy bowl of tasty noodles. The one served here was tasty but it was a tad dry. I dont know why – maybe it was because of the noodle? a lil overcooked perhaps? or the egg was overdone? because the yolk did not do much to make the dish gooey. I decided to improvise, add in some broth from the soup that came on the side, that made it a lot better and soon enough – it was wet and gooey. Yay!  There was plenty of crunchy anchovies and mince meat, this allowed for an overall feel of chewy-ness. Each mouthfull now was wet, chewy and spicy from the 2 servings of dried chili we pilled in. At the end of the day, after some tweaks here and there, this too tasted good. 


Address: Lower Ground Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm


Signing out now, Ciao.



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