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Restaurant Muar @ Tengkat Tong Shin- Yup, sure taste like home cooked.. yumm! (Pork Free)

Okay first, I’ll explain the heading. When you first arrive at this restaurant, on the outside, you would see a signboard saying Restorant Muar, with a subheading ‘Home Cooked Food.‘ I dont know about you guys but I certainly do not come across eateries that advertises it in such a way. Usually, it would be a case of me eating somewhere and upon tasting the food, then decide that it kindda taste like home cooked food. right? I must say though, in this case, what they advertised was exactly what I got – home cooked meal, it tasted it 🙂 

So anyways, it was just the two of us today and as we were driving around Kl, ended up passing through Tengkat Tong Shin and decided to  have some lunch here, at Restaurant Muar.



The eatery is simple,welcoming. No fancy decors or anything over the top. It is a place to eat and it does/offers that, comfortably. They cater for groups of all sizes, as you walk in – the left side has bigger tables for bigger groups and the right side is suitable for smaller groups.  Customer service was great, they were all friendly and accommodating. Food arrived really fast, we ordered 4 different dishes and it all arrived within 10 minutes.


When I looked up this restaurant online, literally everyone was raving about their omelettes. This piqued my interest because come on – omelettes? How different could it be, right? Of course, this meant that I had to order it. Then, upon asking, we were recommended several other popular dishes here and we opted for 3 other dishes. Since we were ordering 4 dishes + rice, everything was in the SMALL size as it was just the two of us, would not want to overdo it. I know despite the SMALL size – 4 dishes seemed a lil excessive for two people but for some reason, we were not stuffed at the end of it. We we full, satisfyingly and wholly full but not stuffed. So, I guesss 4 small dishes works too.

Crispy Fried Egg (S), 6 ringgit + Butter Kailan (S), tbc + Otak Otak (S), 12 ringgit + Sweet and Sour Chicken (S), 16 ringgit


Butter Kailan
Otak – otak
Sweet and Sour Chicken



You know how sometimes when something is good, real awesome – you say stuff like ‘ this is dope’ or ‘ this right here is the shit, yawww’, yea well, the food here is the shit yawww. I would not know how or what Muar food taste like because I am one of those who has been to Johor twice in my life and that too to transit to Singapore, so yea but based on what my tastebuds like, it sure did like the food here. The omelette – oooo man, now I get what the fuss is about. It was different. It was simple yet different. The texture was fluffy but solid. It was oily, buttery, flavorful – da bomb! The Butter Kailan was another delicious dish. I’ve never had kailan cut into suck tiny pieces and fried that they resembled tiny bits of green paper. That was how thin each pieces was, no joke. It was buttery yet crunchy and crispy, again like eating paper? Lol.  I loved it. The Otak – otak was good. It isnt the usual otak-otak I would go for – everyone likes their own, kan? Some like it done this way and some likes it done another way. I just like it done another way, my friend on the other had loved it and so he ended up having 3/4 of it.  In regards to whether it is done the ‘Muar’ way – I would not know. Sweet and Sour Chicken was da bomb too. The chicken pieces were a lil crispy on the surface and chewy on the inside, the sauce/gravy was tasty, the capsicums added in a much need crunch. All in all, a yummy dish. Having all this dish with rice – man, da bomb! I ate like a pig! Burp!

Would I head here again?

Ooooo yes, I willl. Food was delicious and it certainly had a ‘home cooked’ feel to it. Loved it.


Address: No. 6G, Tengkat Tong Shin, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm. Mondays Closed


Signing out now, Ciao.



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